Changelog – Vivaldi browser 6.2


  • [New][Portal] Enable Browser windows in Portal by default (VB-98481)
  • [New][Address Field][Settings] Customize drop-down category prioritization (VB-92814)
  • [New][Geolocation][macOS] Enable native CoreLocation/Apple Location Service (VB-64414)
  • [New][History][Panels] Add a Clear Browsing Data button (VB-98708)
  • [New][Mail][Calendar] Support FastMail OAuth login method (VB-97422)
  • [New][Mail] View Filters are confused for being a Mail Action Toolbar (VB-95308)

Address Bar

  • [Address Bar] Keep best result when typing new text (VB-96015)
  • [Address Bar] Remove dropdown category “From …” (VB-98029)
  • [Address Bar][Settings] Disabling “Search in Address Field” and Autocomplete is not working as intended (VB-97928)
  • [Address Bar] Best/top result not updated when pasting (VB-98423)
  • [Address Bar] Can not Undo (Ctrl+Z) after pasting (Ctrl+V) in the Address Field (VB-98733)
  • [Address Bar] Do not auto-complete on known redirects (except typed history items) (VB-96345)
  • [Address Bar] Address field text does not align (VB-99208)
  • [Address Bar] Cannot drag and drop from textbox on web page to search box (VB-87410)
  • [Address Bar] Ctrl+Enter use typedUrl instead of autocomplete value (VB-99136)
  • [Address Bar] Emojis as favicons appear blank (VB-81544)
  • [Address Bar] Engine icon is often not displayed in search field (VB-94157)
  • [Address Bar] Search Field dropdown remains opened (VB-98720)
  • [Address Bar] Text drag-over lacks highlight styling (VB-99335)
  • [Address Bar] Trailing slashes are removed from URLs (VB-94032)
  • [Address Bar][Bookmarks] Bookmark nicknames trigger search sometimes (VB-99105)
  • [Address Bar][Bookmarks] Display folder nickname (VB-98925)


  • [Bookmarks] Bookmarking on Youtube saves the wrong name and description (VB-90350)
  • [Bookmarks] Need tooltips for bookmarks panel when the title is too long to be displayed (VB-32884)
  • [Bookmarks] URL is displayed twice for non
  • [Bookmarks] URL is displayed twice for non https protocol (VB-99093)
  • [Bookmarks] URL stored in title field (VB-55938)
  • [Bookmarks] Wrong placeholder at creation (VB-99094)


  • [Downloads][Panels] The Remove All Finished button constantly cycles between on/off while downloading (VB-98500)
  • [Downloads][Panels] Use decimal SI units instead of legacy binary units (VB-98728)
  • [Downloads][Panels] Various performance improvements
  • [Downloads][Panels] Google Safe Browsing causes downloading to get struck (VB-96539)


  • [History] Dates are out of order (VB-99506)
  • [History] Shows [History] Shows http entry after
  • [History] Shows http entry after https entry on a redirect (VB-26114)
  • [History] Sorted by date not listed in correct order (VB-99167)
  • [History] Two entries as you click links (VB-99148)


  • [Keyboard] Cycling focus stuck when tab bar is hidden (VB-95976)
  • [Keyboard] F6 focus cycling stuck (VB-95976)
  • [Keyboard] Focus Panel Controls has stopped working (VB-93688)


  • [macOS] Fullscreen state has extra space (VB-96235)
  • [macOS] Title bar is shown when window is in fullscreen (VB-96235)
  • [macOS][Media] Poor video performance (VB-81757)


  • [Menus] In the event of corruption, better handle reset to defaults (VB-98722)
  • [Menus] The Vivaldi button uses the wrong background color in combined Address Bar mode (VB-98312)
  • [Menus] Update the Report a Problem link (VB-98537)
  • [Menus] layout can be out of sync with UI language (VB-99272)
  • [Menus][Bookmarks][Windows][Linux] Bookmark menu does not layout correctly (VB-99378)
  • [Menus][Keyboard] Shortcuts for Japanese UI gone after renaming (VB-98661)


  • [Notes] Blockquotes are not rendered correctly (VB-99468)
  • [Notes] Can display the “Write your first note” message again when there notes present (VB-98901)
  • [Notes] Checkboxes display a bullet point as well (VB-99376)
  • [Notes] Clicking new note creation notification is not working properly (VB-99312)
  • [Notes] Deleted from the notes panel are not deselected from the notes manager (VB-98902)
  • [Notes] Editor always uses white background (VB-98723)
  • [Notes] Scrolling gets stuck upon holding down arrow button in Notes Manager (VB-83855)
  • [Notes] Text is not updated when creating a new note (VB-94169)


  • [Panels] Close button should preserve the Panel Bar toggle status (VB-89637)
  • [Panels] Closing floating web panel hides the sidebar unexpectedly (VB-98621)
  • [Panels] Content dragged over should open it (VB-96532)
  • [Panels] Content reflows when opening (VB-98671)
  • [Panels] New window opens with empty panel if a panel was already open (VB-98270)
  • [Panels] Opens when going full screen (VB-98440)
  • [Panels] Panel contents are incorrectly displayed when the system resizes the window (VB-85105)
  • [Panels] The panel drawer is expanded with no active panel on first-run (VB-98701)
  • [Panels] The scroll bar is covered by the side panel handle when it is set on the right side. (VB-98065)
  • [Panels] Toolbar not hidden when floating panel is closed (VB-99195)
  • [Panels] Unexpectedly opens when opening a new window (VB-98625)
  • [Panels][Menus] Add “Copy All Links” context menu item to window panel (VB-98931)
  • [Panels][Settings] Separate width option not saved (VB-98231)
  • [Panels][Tabs] Gap with tabs and panel toggle on right side (VB-99209)
  • [Panels][Workspaces] Not all Workspace functionality is available in the Window Panel (VB-98479)


  • [Settings] Keyboard access in saved passwords (VB-52423)
  • [Settings] Preferences reset on window close during Speed Dial thumbnail bulk refresh (VB-99255)
  • [Settings] [Address Bar] Drop-Down Menu Priority settings appear in all searches (VB-98669)
  • [Settings] [Feeds] Some Feed Settings appear in all searches (VB-98790)
  • [Settings] [Mail] Mail toolbar buttons not rendered in the Settings window (VB-98700)
  • [Settings][Sync] Account details verification checks fail when creating account (VB-98441)

Speed Dial

  • [Speed Dial] Accidental drag leads to entries removal after Esc (VB-97785)
  • [Speed Dial] Can’t move item back to its Parent Folder (VB-99459)
  • [Speed Dial] Fast bookmark drag+click may block pointer events (VB-98930)
  • [Speed Dial] Rearrange some default Speed Dials (region-specific) (VB-98516)
  • [Speed Dial] Title is not editable when a folder is created (VB-97854)
  • [Speed Dial] Use font-size-small and centered text for Icon size entries (VB-98091)


  • [Tabs] Closing tab in tab stack does not go to last open tab (VB-98021)
  • [Tabs] Pinned tabs background overflows with horizontal scroll enabled (VB-99000)
  • [Tabs] Vertically tiled tabs get horizontally upon relaunch (VB-99237)
  • [Tabs][Workspaces] Alignment issues (VB-98220)


  • [Toolbars] Hide the “Update Status” button in the Toolbar Editor on Linux (VB-96638)
  • [Toolbars] Reordering extensions in popup may remove toolbar button (VB-98412)
  • [Toolbars][Mail] Buttons are visible in toolbar edit mode even if mail is disabled (VB-98386)

Web Panels

  • [Web Panels] Hijacks keyboard focus on document.title changes (VB-37747)
  • [Web Panels] Show desktop mode is broken (VB-98617)
  • [Web Panels] Title notification badges not updated on document.title changes (VB-98620)


  • [Windows] Dragging file attachment to desktop corrupts the file (VB-97745)
  • [Windows] Window controls get a white box when new window opens (VB-99314)
  • [Windows][Linux][Menus] Make Vivaldi menu icon look more obviously intractable (VB-98025)


  • [Workspaces] Button shows audio icon when none is playing (VB-98524)
  • [Workspaces] Button shows audio indicator when it shouldn’t (VB-99342)
  • [Workspaces] Button title spacing wrong (VB-99111)
  • [Workspaces] Creating a workspace in a private window creates an empty “Restored Workspace” in normal windows (VB-98506)
  • [Workspaces] Loudspeaker icon on Workspace tab keeps appearing and disappearing (VB-97425)
  • [Workspaces] Make sure tab opens in the last-open workspace when started (VB-96702)
  • [Workspaces] Moving tab to new window switches workspace in existing window (VB-98804)
  • [Workspaces] Replacement tab from root workspace moved into active workspace when moving original tab in Window Panel (VB-99014)
  • [Workspaces] [Tab Stacks] Duplicated Tab Stack tab opens inside the root- instead of the active Workspace (VB-98749)
  • [Workspaces][Panels] Improve Drag and drop in windows panel (VB-97871)


  • [Crash] Loading chrome://extensions in Private Window (VB-99456)
  • [Crash] Trying to use WebToEpub (VB-95640)
  • [Crash] When adding vivaldi://discards as a speed dial (VB-98877)
  • [Crash] When trying to close one of the profiles (VB-98511)
  • [Crash] When updating the sync thumbnail reference for a deleted bookmark (VB-97997)
  • [Crash][Mail] With large attachment (VB-37883)
  • [Crash][Popout Video] Google Meet page is crashing after enable PiP on a meeting (VB-98251)


  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 116.0.5845.168
  • [Clock] Use highlight color for clock second hand (VB-69141)
  • [Extensions] The counters on the extension icons are always the same color (VB-98002)
  • [Linux] Vary Process names to ease use of tools like killall and top (VB-99065)
  • [Performance][Clock] Button can slow down the creation of tabs (VB-83297)
  • [Performance][Downloads] Progress animation stresses GPU (VB-98841)
  • [Periodic Reload] Repeated reloads when waking device from sleep (VB-82978)
  • [Periodic Reload][Menus] Add 60 and 90 mins
  • [Pop out Video] PiP button not conformant to WCAG / WAI standards (VB-99465)
  • [Private Window][macOS] New Private Window does not open maximized (VB-98689)
  • [Profiles] Replace Google graphics in Profile selector dialog (VB-93927)
  • [Quick Commands] Navigating to a page while a page is loading steals focus (VB-98453)
  • [Search Field] Run search button uses wrong value (VB-98535)
  • [Search] Update Ecosia favicon for regional variants (VB-99377)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Box is moved on scroll (VB-89443)
  • [Sync][Tabs] Do not sync tab bar position setting (VB-98075)
  • [Themes] [macOS] Window control buttons have the wrong background color while in fullscreen (VB-98508)
  • [Tracker Blocker] Counts of blocked items in pop-out not centred (VB-98684)
  • [Website compatibility] JavaScript method window.resizeTo and resizeBy not working. (VB-51077)
  • [Welcome page] Link to front page instead of /featured
  • [Windows Panel] Window/Workspace root level reports wrong number of tabs (VB-96966)

Mail, Calendar and Feeds 1.7


  • [Mail] Button should be shown on the Start Page (VB-98294)
  • [Mail] Cannot mark all mails as read in custom folder (VB-94347)
  • [Mail] Cannot mark entire IMAP folders as read (VB-94347)
  • [Mail] Cannot scroll to the bottom of message bodies on short screens (VB-98673)
  • [Mail] Consistently say “spam” rather than “junk” (VB-67226)
  • [Mail] Do not show spoofing warning when sender name is identical to sender email address
  • [Mail] Don’t hide From/Reply-To mismatch warnings for common emailer domains (like GMail) (VB-97929)
  • [Mail] Flagging database can get in a state that prevent syncing read status up to IMAP (VB-99449)
  • [Mail] Full/part body not shown in some messages: workaround, proper fix later (VB-83204)
  • [Mail] IMAP folder names not decoded from UTF-7 (VB-98829)
  • [Mail] Increase the size of the unread message indicator in mail lists (VB-98532)
  • [Mail] Keep the size of the list and message view constant (VB-96009)
  • [Mail] Message saved to disk before it’s inserted into search DB (VB-99549)
  • [Mail] Multiple From addresses cause Reply-To warning (VB-97930)
  • [Mail] Offer a shortcut to open Mail window when info message is shown (VB-98319)
  • [Mail] Opening IMAP/Draft discards body text (VB-98306)
  • [Mail] Renamed Flags use Colour Name instead of Custom Name in Context Menu (VB-98499)
  • [Mail] Render the Size column in human-readable decimal SI units instead of raw bytes (VB-98728)
  • [Mail] Reply will result in replying to yourself if the Sent tab is selected (VB-94632)
  • [Mail] Search bar is not positioned correctly when tabs are not on top (VB-96227)
  • [Mail] Search doesn’t find IMAP sent messages (VB-99108)
  • [Mail] Sequentialize connections to multiple IMAP servers (VB-98605)
  • [Mail] Warning about name containing an email address is too sensitive (VB-95869)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Buttons don’t migrate to a new window (VB-98380)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Vivaldi accounts are using OAuth but re-prompted for passwords (VB-96224)
  • [Mail][Panels][Toolbars] Search not rotated when editing toolbar (VB-96985)


  • [Calendar] Completed tasks still appear in Calendar Status Upcoming Events popup (VB-97451)
  • [Calendar] Dialog shows for a split second and then disappears – event is added for current time (VB-99477)
  • [Calendar] Drag and drop to clone event should work (VB-96592)
  • [Calendar] ICS import dialog too narrow (VB-98337)
  • [Calendar] It should not be possible to create new tasks in the agenda by clicking between items in the sidebar (VB-97381)
  • [Calendar] Long title of event flows out of notification (VB-98739)
  • [Calendar] Parse calendar name or description for use during importing (VB-98338)
  • [Calendar] Plus sign when dragging to move event (VB-89980)
  • [Calendar] Sometimes focus gets lost in agenda view (VB-97379)
  • [Calendar] Subject of event not visible in the reminder window (VB-98736)
  • [Calendar] Wrong Time Zone inherited from Operating System (VB-96629)
  • [Calendar] webcal(s):// URI protocol dialog revamp: support for WebCAL subscriptions (VB-93544)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] There should be an edit on the context menu for tasks (VB-92085)


  • [Feeds] Deduplicate Mail addresses; use item authors then feed authors (VB-97748)
  • [Feeds] Enable Feed Discovery by default (VB-98393)
  • [Feeds] Icon disappears when page loads (VB-50729)
  • [Feeds] Offline accounts and RSS feeds removed from panel after update (VB-96072)
  • [Feeds][Performance] Cache revalidation, backoff failing, reduce redundant parsing (VB-97849)
  • [Feeds][Performance] Poll immediately after adding new feeds (VB-98392)