Changelog – Vivaldi browser 6.2 on Android


  • [New] Prompt to Add Search Widget to device’s home screen (VAB-7129)
  • [New] Prompts to Set Vivaldi as default (VAB-7128)
  • [New][UI]Tracker Blocker dialog UI consistent style with SSL/connection dialog (VAB-6757)


  • [Bookmarks] Don`t use Mobile folder as default save folder (VAB-7614)
  • [Bookmarks] Wrong icons after dragging bookmarks (VAB-7454)
  • [Bookmarks][UI] Increase height of bottom panel (VAB-7755)

User interface

  • [UI] Change search widget logo to match the Vivaldi build (VAB-7610)
  • [UI] Scrollable translate panel view (VAB-7408)
  • [UI] Set as default browser banner icon changes (VAB-7813)
  • [UI] Use preset 2 as deafult for Main Menu layout for new users (VAB-7736)


  • [Settings] [Sync] Don’t empty password field if credentials are invalid (VAB-7529)
  • [Tablet] Closing the last tab does not open the Speed Dial (VAB-7538)
  • Updated translations
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 116.0.5845.122