Changelog – Vivaldi browser 5.7 on Android


  • [New][Performance] Improved performance on start up with a lot of tabs (VAB-5085)
  • [New][Settings] Add option for setting Vivaldi as default browser (VAB-1026)
  • [New][Settings] Allow Browser to scale UI and web contents (VAB-6532)
  • [New][Settings] Option to disable autoplay for video (VAB-5853)
  • [New][Settings] Option to keep playing the audio when Vivaldi runs in the background (VAB-1027)
  • [New][Sync] Add reminder to Sync your data (VAB-6541)


  • [Settings] Unable to change the App Language in Android 13(VAB-6818)
  • [Settings] Swipe to Close Tab setting doesn’t work for tab stacks (VAB-6955)

User Interface

  • [UI][Phones] New empty states symbols for panel (VAB-7040)
  • [UI][Reading list] Change Reading list fragment to Bottom Sheet dialog(VAB-6958)
  • [UI] Disable width constrain in settings activity (VAB-6969)
  • [UI] Offset the Vivaldi menu to keep the address bar visible (VAB-6720)


  • [Address bar] When selecting a search suggestion in the bar, the whole text becomes selected (VAB-6803)
  • [Bookmarks] Manually sorting bookmarks not working with accessibility on (VAB-2088)
  • [Capture page] Asks for storage permission (VAB-6989)
  • [Links] mailto: URI links doesn’t open (VAB-6939)
  • [Menus] Blank menu bar when switching app language (VAB-6947)
  • [Reading list] Wrong feedback message when adding reading list from context menu (VAB-7084)
  • [Speed Dials][Tablet] Fix speed dial alignment for medium speed dials (VAB-6968)
  • [Strings] Change labels for “Always show controls” setting to “Show toolbars while scrolling”(VAB-7037)
  • [Tablet][AAOS] Make Medium Speed Dials default for tablets and cars (VAB-6875)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 110.0.5481.111