Changelog – Vivaldi browser 5.6


  • [New][Panels][Mastodon] Add ‘Vivaldi Social’ as one of the default web panels (VB-92926)
  • [New][Tabs] Allow pinning tabs in a stack (VB-91147)
  • [New][Settings] Re-structure settings order and add colored icons (VB-92771)
  • [New][Search] Add to US, Canada, UK, Germany search dropdown (VB-93121)
  • [Accessibility] Insufficient contrast for placeholder texts (VB-92985)

Address Bar 

  • [Address bar] Autocomplete and selected items are different (VB-92811)
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete ignores case (VB-92746)
  • [Address bar] Bookmarks results not in the correct position (VB-93112)
  • [Address bar] Change the way we sort bookmarks (VB-93011)
  • [Address bar] Correct item is not selected (VB-93174)
  • [Address bar] Don’t autocomplete when entering a space (VB-93013)
  • [Address bar] Don’t clean suggestion results when disabling suggestions (VB-92550)
  • [Address bar] Dropdown can lose selected item (VB-92616)
  • [Address bar] Frequently visited sites appear even when the option is disabled (VB-92393)
  • [Address bar] Keep the selected item when typing the full URL (VB-92882)
  • [Address bar] Saved password popup isn’t properly written (VB-92032)
  • [Address bar] Search using a keyword with more than one letter will suggest from keyword (VB-92409)
  • [Address bar] Select the shortest search first in typed history (VB-93185)
  • [Address bar] Selection flickering in the address field (VB-91913)
  • [Address bar] Shift+Del in address bar history results moves selection upper and updates results below it (VB-92126
  • [Address bar] Wrong search suggestions show (VB-92929)


  • [Blocker] Dialog fails on (VB-92637)
  • [Blocker] Misaligned Privacy Stats buttons/hover states (VB-92071)


  • [Bookmarks] Descriptions are lost when exported in HTML (VB-17786)
  • [Bookmarks] Moved out of trash on upgrade (VB-93357)
  • [Bookmarks] Replace Yelp thumbnail for US (VB-92541)
  • [Bookmarks] “Always Open Bookmark Dialog” setting isn’t applied to adding bookmarks from the Address Bar (VB-90338)


  • [Tabs] Change “Clone” to “Duplicate” (VB-92764)
  • [Tabs] Incorrect alignment of tab tiling (VB-92070)
  • [Tabs] Pinned tab stacks are not listed in the window menu (VB-92558)
  • [Tabs][Menus] When pinning a stack via the context menu should say “Pin Tab Stack” (VB-92544)
  • [Tabs][Tiling] Wider gap between tiled Tabs (VB-93012)
  • [Tasks][Panels] Check box not visible in tasks panel (VB-93330)


  • [Settings] Mail account setup should fit in two columns (VB-93189)
  • [Settings] Rocker settings are displayed incorrectly in some languages (VB-90928)
  • [Settings] “Show Separator Below Pinned Tabs” should be enabled by default (VB-92441)
  • [Settings][Commands] Add command always focuses last command (VB-90520)
  • [Settings][Commands] Empty space command chain in settings (VB-89630)
  • [Settings][Menus] Save Link As… is missing from Menu Customisation (VB-89216)
  • [Settings][Search] Change POST configuration (VB-89665)
  • [Settings][Search] Misaligned default Search Engine select dropdown (VB-92645)


  • [Panels] Area opens when dropping a non-panel button on the panel bar (VB-93293)
  • [Panels] Add web panel popup add button misaligned (VB-92957)
  • [Panels] Not hidden in fullscreen and chromeless modes (VB-93036)
  • [Panels] Task title/text should align vertically (VB-93031)
  • [Panels] The window panel cannot be used to create pinned stacked tabs (VB-93242)
  • [Panels] Web Panel toolbar buttons should always be 16x16px (VB-92941)
  • [Panels][Mastodon] Update Vivaldi Social favicon (VB-93169)
  • [Panels][Periodic Reload] Web reload not retained when restarting browser (VB-92986)

User Interface 

  • [UI Zoom] Don’t let the UI become unusably large (VB-93060)
  • [UI] Separator not visible in tree lists (VB-93201)


  • [Menus][Panels][Calendar][Tasks] Menu item added to view menu (VB-92055)
  • [Menus][Panels][Calendar][Tasks][Translate][Reading list][Feeds] Icons added (VB-92057)


  • [Notes][Panel] Entering and exiting full view doesn’t restore panel sizing (VB-92789)
  • [Notes][Panel] Return key does not confirm the creation of the folder (VB-90279)


  • [Toolbar][Keyboard][Settings] Spacer button can be focused in “Focus All Controls” mode (VB-92343)
  • [Toolbars] Incorrect size of Feeds icon in Toolbar Editor (VB-92940)
  • [Toolbars] Panel Toolbar Shows URL for Web Panel (VB-93212)
  • [Toolbars] Panels open when added from the toolbar editor (VB-93296)
  • [Toolbars] Popup and arrow positioning (VB-93295)
  • [Toolbars] Spacers cannot be added from the editor (VB-92522)


  • [Profiles] Deletion warning needed (VB-76076)
  • [Profiles] Icon got smaller (VB-93149)

Window Management 

  • [Window Management] Drop shadow on windows missing (VB-93055)
  • [Window Management] Offset after restoring minimized window (VB-93128)
  • [Windows][Window management] Native Window decorations are broken for some users (VB-93203)

Spatial Navigation 

  • [Spatial Navigation] Can’t open some WordPress menus (VB-66327)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Iframe support (VB-5038)


  • macOS[macOS] Settings window controls are unreachable in fullscreen (VB-90960)
  • [macOS] Window control buttons not accessible in downscaled UI (VB-82572)
  • [macOS][Updates] Update Sparkle library to 2.3.0 (VB-92797)


  • [Linux] Change wording in the “Media Support” dialog (VB-92994)
  • [Linux][Media] Change proprietary codecs to 108.0.5327.0-109222
  • [Linux][Wayland] Blank app_id provided to the window manager (VB-88191Toolbar


  • [Windows] Dragging a link from the browser prompts a security alert when you open it on W10 (VB-79801)
  • [Windows][Media] There is a small transparent border with rounded corners when in the full-screen video (VB-92219)


  • [Site compatibility] Change how to link selection works so that it does not cause site compatibility issues (VB-85651)
  • [Privacy][Settings] Rename the “Do Not Track” section (VB-91985)
  • [Reading list] Filter has gone after click (VB-91762)
  • [Search] Add Neeva to globally minus Russia and China (VB-93123)
  • [Search][Menus] Context menu search using POST opens a blank tab (VB-89996)
  • [Clock] Alarm deletion icon is aligned to the bottom (VB-88159)
  • [Contacts] Cannot add contacts (manually) if you have no contacts (VB-92554)
  • [Contacts] No scroll bar in panel (VB-91582)
  • [Crash] On importing data from other browsers (VB-93127)
  • [Crash] With ‘–incognito’ on startup (VB-92333)
  • [Gestures] Rocker gestures are executed twice (VB-93313)
  • [Guest Window] Change profile icon (VB-51218)
  • [Guest Window] Error when the closing window, cannot use guest mode afterward for this session (VB-92324)
  • [Image inspector] Broken copyrights (VB-33640)
  • [Speed Dial] Opening and closing a speed dial folder causes brief flickering/visibility of the full speed dial (VB-92879)
  • [Sync] Expose the Mobile Bookmarks folder on the desktop (VAB-475)
  • [Webpage] JS generated element at wrong position (VB-90521)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 108.0.5359.105

Mail Calendar Feed Reader Version 1.3 


  • [Mail] Ability to create local accounts (VB-91506)
  • [Mail] Add option to not add the signature when forwarding (VB-88974)
  • [Mail] Add a setting for if to auto-generate contacts or not (VB-91186)
  • [Mail] Clicking notification opens a tab in the incorrect window (VB-87125)
  • [Mail] Disable OAuth for Pop3 (Pop3 with OAuth won’t download email) (VB-91669)
  • [Mail] Don’t stack case-sensitive Re: prefixes (VB-63123)
  • [Mail] Empty line after salutation disappears (VB-89181)
  • Mail] Import process keeps a lock on the imported file (VB-92238)
  • [Mail] Issues with moving email to offline account (VB-89389)
  • [Mail] Mails sent from me to the mailing list show up in an unread folder with mailing lists filtered out (VB-88291)
  • [Mail] Mark as read when moving to trash/archive/junk (VB-85107)
  • [Mail] Opacity lowered for accounts in the account list (should only be on create) (VB-92293)
  • [Mail] POP sync error (VB-92562)
  • [Mail] Prefetch optimizations
  • [Mail] Prefetching already imported bodies: further fix (VB-81283)
  • [Mail] Restoring from junk/archive does not work (VB-93154)
  • [Mail] Reveal Data Folder should also be offered for RSS (VB-92080)
  • [Mail] The prefetch number is wrong (VB-92342)
  • [Mail] Thunderbird contacts import (VB-89971)
  • [Mail] Undeleted message shown to be in two folders, when trying to move the message to a different folder (VB-90801)
  • Mail] mail oAuth support (VB-89831)
  • [Mail] “LSUB failed” with Office 365 IMAP server (VB-92861)
  • [Mail][Crash] When you open a second tab with mail (VB-73872)
  • [Mail][Crash][Settings] Opening settings where email address is wrong (VB-92238)
  • [Mail][Keyboard] Undo delete not working (VB-87695)
  • [Mail][macOS] Doesn’t respond as default mail client (VB-92007)


  • [Calendar] All-day events are erroneously moved one day earlier on edit: time zones issues (VB-92253)
  • [Calendar] Calendar pop-up misplaced (VB-92309)
  • [Calendar] Created through Vivaldi doesn’t support vTODO (VB-92993)
  • [Calendar] Editing task time is broken (VB-91954)
  • [Calendar] Entering Date can trigger a single-key shortcut (VB-92840)
  • [Calendar] Error when parsing CalDAV (VB-92815)
  • [Calendar] Event jumps around when the date is changed (VB-92713)
  • [Calendar] Events not synced using horde server (VB-93135)
  • [Calendar] Fails to read events data from the CalDAV server (VB-91723)
  • [Calendar] Notification for new calendar events not shown (VB-92938)
  • [Calendar] Prevent duplicated events in CalDAV during sync due to timing issues (VB-92494)
  • [Calendar] Server error on sync moves item to another calendar (VB-92528)
  • [Calendar] Show supported calendar components in settings (VB-92685)
  • [Calendar] Task panel search box loses focus (VB-92747)
  • [Calendar] Text mismatch for adding new task in tasks panel (VB-92046)
  • [Calendar] Update event exception API method added (VB-87204)
    [Calendar] Volume setting for notification sound (VB-91782)
  • [Calendar] Web calendar name needs padding in the event editor (VB-92350)
  • [Calendar] When creating a new event, editing is very slow (VB-92648)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Can not add a task in the task panel (VB-92741)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Editor should open when clicking on “Your task list is empty” (VB-92116)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Task synced without due time set to 1969 (VB-92361)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Tasks appear to delete when the user just wants to complete them (VB-92011)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] “No tasks found” instead of “Your task list is empty” when you have no task (VB-92675)
  • [Calendar][Tasks][Panel] Search bar does not have correctly rounded corners (VB-92201)