Changelog – Vivaldi browser 5.6 on Android


  • [New][Main Menu] Editable menu bar implementation (VAB-6514)
  • [New] Hardware key authentication (WebAuthn / FIDO / U2F) now works in Vivaldi for Android
  • [New][Settings] Setting for showing keyboard accessory view (VAB-6495)
  • [New][Settings] Option to automatically focus URL field when opening new tab (VAB-6224)
  • [New][Settings] Combine “Home Page” with “New Tab page” setting (VAB-6624)
  • [New][Settings] Turn search engine suggestions off by default (VAB-6606)


  • [Search] Add Neeva to globally minus Russia and China (VB-93123)
  • [Search] Add to US, Canada, UK, Germany search drop down (VB-93121)


  • [Settings] Enable desktop site exceptions per tab (as it used to work before) (VAB-6823)
  • [Settings] Make small speed dials default for new users (VAB-6593)
  • [Settings] Turn on ‘Focus URL bar on new tab’ by default for new users (VAB-6862)

Start Page

  • [Start Page] Add a new SD for Vivaldi social for mobile (VAB-6742)
  • [Start Page] Show 4 rows in small speed dial (VAB-6592)

User Interface

  • [UI] Address bar at bottom shows results upside down (VAB-6605)
  • [UI] A full translation for “Ads blocked” is not shown in many languages (VAB-6564)
  • [UI] Animate menu opening from the bottom when using address bar on the bottom (VAB-6719)
  • [UI] Change “Clone tab” to “Duplicate tab” (VAB-6662)
  • [UI] Make bottom navigation bar transparent in Onboarding (VAB-6617)
  • [UI] Missing top padding on Translate History panel (VAB-6701)
  • [UI] Start page colors and hide line under location bar in speed dial (VAB-6571)
  • [UI] Start page background changes (VAB-6479)
  • [UI] Update color for speed dial toolbar for dark theme (VAB-6479)
  • [UI] Use higher resolution favicons for pre-shipped Speed Dials (VAB-6630)


  • [Exit] Terminating Vivaldi with app menu ‘Exit’ leaves one Vivaldi process running (VAB-6863)
  • [Input] Select All context menu doesn’t select ‘input type=”text”‘ contents (VAB-6661)
  • [Performance] Auto close tabs in partitions (VAB-6439)
  • [Sync] Refactor notes attachment to prepare for synchronization of attachment content (VB-91972)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 108.0.5359.129