Changelog – Vivaldi browser 5.5


  • [New][Calendar] Add tasks panel (VB-89974)
  • [New][Mail] Use MX record for detection of mail server hostname (VB-43329)
  • [New][Calendar] Improve CalDAV service discovery (VB-91354, VB-91079)
  • [New][Windows] Snap layout menu on Windows (VB-82583)
  • [New][Address bar] Performance improvements (VB-91176)

Address Bar

  • [Address bar] Address field appears behind bookmark bar in full screen (VB-90484)
  • [Address bar] Can’t close a site badge by clicking it again (VB-14343)
  • [Address bar] Display bookmark title when possible for default bookmarks (VB-91257)
  • [Address bar] Drag and drop selected text from end up with full URL (VB-90585)
  • [Address bar] Favicon in address field doesn’t get updated once chosen (VB-88348)
  • [Address bar] Incorrect focus in URL field (VB-90430)
  • [Address bar] Issues when searching dropdown items (VB-91229)
  • [Address bar] Make sure IPv6 IP address brackets in URL aren’t %XX escaped when copying the URL from the address bar (VB-79398)
  • [Address bar] Mouse focus color same as keyboard focus in drop-downs (VB-91091)
  • [Address bar] Typing fast makes characters disappear (VB-91114)
  • [Address bar] When adding a bookmark the popup moves (VB-90567)
  • [Address bar][Search] Search field history deletion not working for whitespace strings (VB-90697)
  • [Address bar][Search] Unwanted forwarding to standard search engine if url =http://localhost/ (VB-68853)


  • [Bookmarks] Move Vivaldi Community Speed Dial bookmark to the top level (VB-91386)
  • [Bookmarks] Text only setting should only display folder icon (VB-91216)
  • [Speed Dial] Add Quant to defaults for France, Germany and England (VB-91655)
  • [Speed Dial] Adding by URL adds wrong one (VB-91286)
  • [Speed Dial] First thumbnail does not move (VB-91736)


  • [macOS] Add Share submenu to main File menu (VB-3072)
  • [macOS] Can’t minimize browser window with ⌘+M (VB-89950)
  • [macOS] Changing the toggle images default shortcut to ⌘⇧i (VB-91462)
  • [macOS] Double-clicking window edge minimizes the window so much that the window becomes unclickable (VB-90981)
  • [macOS] In fullscreen, window controls are invisible but active (VB-90888)
  • [macOS] UI shifts on app menu hover in fullscreen mode on display with a notch (VB-84125)
  • [macOS][Keyboard] Share to email shortcut clashes with developer tools shortcut (VB-91462)


  • [Menu][Settings] Items not showing in preview box (VB-91292)
  • [Menus] Wrong Menu Shortcut Indicator after renaming a command (VB-90968)
  • [Menus] “Copy without parameters” item is invisible in the menu editor (VB-90986)


  • [Notes] Focus not moved to editor when creating new note in manager (VB-91373)
  • [Notes] Manager duplicates note after restart (VB-91133)
  • [Notes] Manager tab title is not updated when unselecting active note (VB-91379)
  • [Notes][Panel] Various issues (VB-91115)


  • [Panels] Dragging a web panel into the default panel section duplicates it (VB-90930)
  • [Panels] Unmute Panel tooltip says “Unmute tab audio” (VB-90869)
  • [Panels] Web Panels title not updating (VB-90975)


  • [Search] Rewrite search engine preloaded favicons code (VB-91754)
  • [Search][Settings] Reset search engines dialog gets truncated in some languages (VB-89083)


  • [Settings] Option to disable autocomplete on all forms: under Security and Privacy (VB-17716)
  • [Settings][Menus] Display menu icons in settings (VB-90505)
  • [Settings][Privacy] Add setting for hyperlink auditing (VB-52073)


  • [Tabs] Cancelled beforeunload handler blocks ever closing any tab (VB-92017)
  • [Tabs] Select next or tab select previous in a stacked tab selects all the tabs instead of just the next/previous (VB-83007)
  • [Tabs] Tiled Slack or Discord tabs flicker when switching (VB-56402)
  • [Tabs] Wrong tabs are selected on closure (VB-90597)
  • [Tabs] “Window with x Tabs” doesn’t appear in trash (VB-91385)


  • [Themes] Change ‘Vivaldi’ and ‘Dark’ to have solid color backgrounds (VB-90782)
  • [Themes] Imported themes are duplicated in settings (VB-91579)

User Interface

  • [UI] Can not open folders with keyboard in sorted lists (VB-91325)
  • [UI] Tree item title ellipsis truncation is broken (VB-91101)
  • [UI] Use Alt key to expand/collapse all folders in a tree (VB-90540)


  • [Windows] Dragging a link to the desktop does not work correctly (VB-91068)
  • [Windows] Second click at Vivaldi menu doesn’t close it (VB-90631)
  • [Windows] System Notifications does nothing when clicked (VB-89993)
  • [Windows][Crash][Media] WhatsApp web tab (VB-90720)
  • [Windows][Window Management][Settings] Use native Window causes two sets of window controls (VB-91935)


  • [Crash] After opening second profile (VB-91172)
  • [Crash] When opening new private window (VB-90970)
  • [Crash] When website changes to login screen (VB-91611)
  • [Crash][Commands][Settings] Related to “Keep last typed value” (VB-91516)
  • [Crash][Spatial Navigation] While moving focus and scrolling (VB-91019)
  • [Crash][macOS] A “Profile error occurred” error pops up (VB-91558)


  • [Capture] Area selection is broken (VB-91868)
  • [Chromium] ASUS Router convenience hostname being automatically changed to HTTPS and failing (VB-91813)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 106.0.5249.91
  • [Extensions] Popup buttons gets covered by panel (VB-91376)
  • [Gestures][Settings] Preview animation speed depends on monitor refresh rate (VB-86745)
  • [History] Page history shows internal URLs (VB-90893)
  • [Keyboard] Tabbing gets stuck in the ‘Set as default browser’ toolbar (VB-90854)
  • [Languages] Aramaic numbers are used in Kurdish locale (VB-81478)
  • [Linux][Media] Change proprietary codecs to 106.0.5249.12-108653
  • [Sync] Initial notes sync can remove whole folder contents (VB-91260)
  • [Toolbar] Can not access toolbar button menu using up/down arrow keys (VB-82740)

Mail, Calendar and Feeds


  • [Contacts] Are not sorted by name (VB-91576)
  • [Contacts] Sorting does not include mail addresses (VB-79418)
  • [Mail] Account display name added in account setup interface (VB-36352)
  • [Mail] Add a setting to hide unread counter for junk
  • [Mail] Auto-linking of web addresses in plain-text mode is broken by some link contents (VB-90554)
  • [Mail] Date field not translated when forwarding e-mail (VB-89167)
  • [Mail] Disable compose action in menus when there are no accounts set up
  • [Mail] Expanding mail addresses in header is persistent and doesn’t go away when switching messages (VB-91804)
  • [Mail] Filtering action: Move to archive (VB-88849)
  • [Mail] Import EML, MBOX formats (VB-89899)
  • [Mail] Import from Thunderbird stops on 2nd account (VB-90803)
  • [Mail] Incorrect background color for “Add your first account” dialog (VB-91077)
  • [Mail] Make email forgery harder (VB-48421)
  • [Mail] Open image on inline image breaks message view (VB-91679)
  • [Mail] Panel no longer respects order and visibility settings (VB-91490)
  • [Mail] Prefetching already imported bodies (VB-81283)
  • [Mail] Show different color for indented text in longer mail thread (VB-58432)
  • [Mail] Undo in Mail Composer only takes back one letter (VB-91117)
  • [Mail] “Focus Search Field” shortcut should also apply to mail Search (VB-91255)
  • [Mail][Keyboard] Add Crtl+k shortcut to add a link to highlighted text (VB-59321)
  • [Mail][Menus] Disable copy link to highlight in mail and feeds (VB-90885)
  • [Mail][Panel] After adding a second account, it does not always display immediately (VB-91659)
  • [Mail][Panel] Restart required to rename mailing lists folders (VB-82903)
  • [Mail][Panel][Performance] Speed up (VB-90858)
  • [Mail][Welcome] Buttons should wrap when there is no space available (VB-91081)
  • [Settings][Mail] Setting to hide counter on Archive folder (VB-90774)


  • [Calendar] Accept and update calendar button in meeting invitation unresponsive (VB-90918)
  • [Calendar] Add to calendar button on mail view not working (VB-91569)
  • [Calendar] Calendar colors change with each server sync (VB-83419)
  • [Calendar] Change current date selection after midnight (VB-91581)
  • [Calendar] Connecting an iCloud account detects hidden calendars (VB-90409)
  • [Calendar] Consistent highlighting of current day (VB-62449)
  • [Calendar] Dismissing a reminder exits cancels maximization (VB-90202)
  • [Calendar] Error updating Google tasks (VB-91132)
  • [Calendar] Event editor dialog disappears past bottom window border (VB-90568)
  • [Calendar] Event rendering performance improvements (VB-90933)
  • [Calendar] Exporting local calendar is not working (VB-90972)
  • [Calendar] Google Calendar fails to load with the error (VB-90200)
  • [Calendar] Google Task’s Description Sync from Vivaldi to Google fails (VB-91532)
  • [Calendar] ICS event accepted when pending, cannot respond to accompanying invite as it is already added (VB-66775)
  • [Calendar] Import status doesn’t get cleared (VB-90516)
  • [Calendar] Impossible to remove date from a task (VB-91951)
  • [Calendar] Invites on Dark themes have poor contrast (VB-82618)
  • [Calendar] Marking repeating task complete marks all complete (VB-90143)
  • [Calendar] Problems Connecting to CalDAV with an etesync service (VB-91664)
  • [Calendar] Recurring event deleted item shows notification (VB-88383)
  • [Calendar] Return updated invite (VB-91554)
  • [Calendar] Switching tab with editor open clears title field (VB-90955)
  • [Calendar] Task with only due time incorrectly rendered in year view (VB-91780)
  • [Calendar] Text gets always pasted in title when it’s empty (VB-90023)
  • [Calendar] Update styling of Add New Task (VB-92020)
  • [Calendar] When editing task it is not possible to toggle all day (VB-89976)
  • [Calendar] iCal remote import lets you select local file (VB-91879)
  • [Calendar][Linux] Date and Time in 24 Hour Format shows AM/PM (VB-79870)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Add task button does not work when no task is found in search (VB-91912)

Feed Reader

  • [Feeds] Subscribe to Bikeradar feeds does not work (VB-90435)
  • [Feeds][macOS][Linux] Does not update due to caching (VB-91486)