Changelog – Vivaldi Android Browser 3.1 to 3.2

New features

  • [Blocker] Custom blocker lists VAB-1495
  • [Blocker] Allow ads from Vivaldi partners VB-69655
  • [UI] Tab Switcher navigation to the bottom VAB-973


  • [Bookmarks] Crash in moving two bookmarks to the same folder VAB-1880
  • [Notes] Copy to note crashes Vivaldi sometimes VAB-1276


  • [Settings] Add Sync Profile Avatar to Settings main menu VAB-1617
  • [Settings] Category titles not consistent VAB-1742
  • [Settings] Rename ‘Tab Strip’ to ‘Tab Bar’ VAB-1744


  • [Themes] Speed dial background changes to white in dark theme VAB-1569

User interface

  • [UI] Jump when opening the tab switcher VAB-1706
  • [UI] Non-merged navigation bar on horizontal view VAB-1970


  • [Tablet] There should not be bookmark icon for empty tab VAB-1797
  • [Tabs] Tab bar initiates in the wrong position – does not scroll to the active tab VAB-1237
  • [Crash] Crash in bookmark sync VAB-1985
  • Upgraded Chromium to 84.0.4147.108
  • Updated translations