Changelog – Vivaldi Browser 3.4 to 3.5 on Android

New features

  • Add option to clear data on exit VAB-961
  • Allow disabling WebRTC Broadcast IP on mobile VAB-2293
  • Add option to sort notes and bookmarks in panel VAB-646
  • Make it possible to reorder notes VAB-1859
  • [UI] Navigation bar should inherit Theme Color VAB-2130


  • Browser Privacy Policy redirects to Google page VAB-2704
  • Help redirects to Google VAB-2702
  • ‘Unable to access the network’ after re-enabling tap to search VAB-296
  • Some settings change places in signed builds VAB-2480

Start Page

  • Add padding for default text based speed dial thumbnails VAB-2559
  • Big Speed Dials in landscape mode don’t fit screen VAB-2656
  • Center large Speed Dial Folder titles VAB-2481
  • Incorrect margin inside speed dial folders VAB-2470
  • Moving Speed Dial item out of subfolder not possible by hovering subfolder back view VAB-2576
  • New folder icon for small speed dials
  • New small card layout VAB-2559
  • Plus button (+) isn’t properly aligned for small speed dials VAB-2495
  • Scale up Text thumb for large Speed Dial VAB-2559
  • [Tablet] Speed Dial List mode should show two rows in landscape VAB-2580
  • Thumbnail improvements VAB-1695
  • Thumnbnail size and margin adjustments VAB-2559

Tab bar

  • Clone tab properly VAB-2064
  • Long press on close tab not working when address bar at the bottom VAB-2789
  • Long press on the plus button opens a new tab VAB-2599

User Interface

  • Adding long press menu on new tab button in tab bar VAB-2048
  • Closing the last tab causes a lag VAB-1586
  • Expand close button clicking area VAB-2506
  • Swap the location of Reload and Bookmark buttons in the menu VAB-2578
  • Vivaldi search widget doesn’t function properly, with the address bar at the bottom VAB-2589


  • [Address bar] Search suggestions go out of the screen VAB-2579
  • [Blocker] Remove the adblock list from preset adblock sources VB-71901
  • [Menus] History on long press of the back button in Vivaldi menu VAB-2688
  • [Notes] New notes are not saved if we don’t close it VAB-1718
  • [Search] Bing (Reverse) Image Search Loads a Blank Page VAB-2614
  • [Search] Difficult to search for phrases starting with single letters correlated to search engines VAB-2715
  • Upgraded Chromium to 87.0.4280.66