Changelog – Vivaldi Browser 3.3 to 3.4 on Android

New features

  • Vivaldia game VAB-2373
  • Improved Speed Dial Layout VAB-1693
  • Adapt the main menu to new design VAB-2317

User Interface

  • Address-bar doesn’t fully disappear while scrolling VAB-2421
  • Back button doesn’t close tab switcher in private section VAB-2134
  • Clicking area for x button is too big VAB-2178
  • Navigation buttons inside V-menu should also be at the bottom VAB-2202
  • Pull down to refresh switches tabs when address bar is at bottom VAB-2341
  • Tabs opened in background scroll the tab bar VAB-1824

Start Page

  • Adjust Speed Dial title text margin and spacing
  • Incorrect distance from Speed Dials to top of page VAB-2386
  • Incorrect elevation shadow for Speed Dial List View and distance VAB-2387
  • Speed Dials border thickness and title misaligned VAB-2347


  • [Android 11] Exiting Vivaldi makes inaccessible items on the home screen VAB-2227
  • [Tablet] Not visible bottom part of downloaded file notification when bottom address bar VAB-2359
  • Upgraded Chromium to 86.0.4240.77
  • Updated translations