Changelog – Vivaldi Desktop Browser 3.5 to 3.6


  • [Tabs] Two-level tab stacks (VB-10529)
  • [Configurable menus][Bookmarks] List menu (VB-74664)
  • [Configurable menus][Download][Panels] List menu (VB-75428)
  • [Configurable menus][History] List menu (VB-74901)
  • [Configurable menus][Notes] List menu (VB-74824)
  • [Configurable menus][Settings] Add copy/paste handling (VB-74460)
  • [Configurable menus][Windows][Panels] List menu (VB-75257)
  • [macOS] Add support for TouchID (VB-62339)

Address bar

  • Content no longer selected on new tab/new window (VB-73936)
  • Crash with valid URL (VB-71940)
  • Line breaks in form requests result in a broken URL (VB-69747)
  • Some URLs containing spaces triggers searches (VB-75336)
  • [Settings] Show full address does not update already opened tabs (VB-74338)


  • [Media] Update proprietary codecs to 87.0.4280.66
  • [Windows][Menus] Separators can be displayed at end of main menus (VB-75450)


  • Render UI in system font on macOS 11 (VB-75888)
  • Update Sparkle update library to version 1.24
  • Update application icon to reflect Big Sur visual direction (VB-75254)


  • Focus disappears when creating note from manager (VB-75760)
  • Improve search (VB-72567)
  • Manager replaces note tabs when new note created (VB-64498)
  • New note button triggers error (VB-75082)
  • Note opened in a tab is blank after restart (VB-64369)
  • Slow Notes Manager (VB-74259)
  • ‘Go to URL’ does not work in manager (VB-72162)
  • “New Folder” in panel not selected on creation (VB-71722)
  • [Crash] Browser went into a “crash loop” after viewing the Notes panel in markdown mode (VB-74699)
  • [Panels][Quick commands] Note created from quick commands does not show up in panel (VB-75839)


  • Use same code to fetch favicons for Tabs and Web panels (VB-75761)
  • [User Profiles] Crash by right-clicking in a web panel in Guest Profile (VB-75067)
  • [User Profiles] Web panels shouldn’t be remembered in the Guest Profile (VB-75160)

Quick Commands

  • [Bookmarks] Partial matching in quick commands bookmark search (VB-74998)
  • Nickname search doesn’t trigger (VB-74941)


  • Hangouts is controlled by Chromecast media-router (VB-75371)
  • [Panel][Bookmarks][Notes] Hide Folder Counters (VB-75738)
  • [Panels] Lazy Loading option (VB-75737)


  • [Settings] Problems after syncing “Window Controls Postion: Right Side” to Windows 10 from a Linux machine (VB-75182)
  • [Settings] Sync settings are empty in private window but should just be unavailable (VB-71664)


  • Activate Right in Tab Order Close Tab Activation not always working (VB-75509)
  • Allow tab stack renaming by default (VB-76106)
  • Close tabs by middle clicking on tooltip thumbnails (VB-75807)
  • Closing the last tab with fullscreen video leaves the browser in fullscreen mode, that cannot be closed (VB-75106)
  • Cycler getting stuck (VB-43227)
  • Keyboard shortcut for selecting a tab should cycle tabs in stacks (VB-45876)
  • Moving a tab stack into a new window breaks the tab stack and tiling (VB-75218)
  • Not all cloned tabs from inside a tab-stack join that stack (VB-75048)
  • Tab stacks moved to new window unstack and then restack (VB-75780)
  • Tabs opened from links in a pinned tab do not follow tab order setting (VB-75775)
  • Tiling a single page should not be possible (VB-75916)
  • [Crash] on if tab was recently moved to new window (VB-75809)
  • [Menus] Null openerTabId for chrome.tabs.Tab opened with “Search with” feature (VB-54472)


  • Disabled controls not distinct enough (VB-74684)
  • Missing pressed state for radio buttons and checkboxes (VB-74685)
  • More nuanced border contrast (VB-74682)
  • No more ugly pale color on (VB-75194)
  • Updating color generation. Adding success, warning and error colors (VB-38068)
  • [Settings] Move color settings to Themes section (VB-74822)


  • [Bookmarks] Searching does not show the children of a matched folder (VB-75712
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 88.0.4324.99
  • [Private Window] Update the icon (VB-38446)
  • [Spatial navigation] It should be possible to select elements with onclick event handlers
  • [UI] Use page title for URLs dragged to desktop (VB-3716)