Vivaldi has been updated

What's New

Our first release after the summer break adds a new way to wrangle auto-playing audio (a top-voted feature request from users!) and more. Read on for the highlights.

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Vivaldi 2.7


bugs fixed


features added

Cut down the noise

The battle against auto-playing and overlapping audio continues. We’ve added a new option that allows you to mute a website which is currently silent, stopping it from playing audio in advance.

Preempt any unwelcome interruptions by right-clicking any tab (or group of tabs) and selecting "Mute Tab".

Muting tabs in Vivaldi browser

Quick access to User Profiles

Windows users can now create a desktop shortcut to a specific User Profile. This is a quick way to launch Vivaldi with the right Profile active. You'll find the option by clicking on the Profile button in your Address Bar.

More Status in the Status Bar

As a page loads you'll now get live info in the Status Bar to let you know how things are progressing (for example, “Processing request”, “Waiting for”, “Connecting”, “Establishing secure connection”).

Vivaldi Android Beta

Be one of the first to try Vivaldi for Android. Our Beta version is packed with unique features and ready for daily use. Get it now on Google Play and let us know what you think!

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