Vivaldi has been updated

What's New

Make browsing more immersive with a new Razer Chroma integration. Chroma-enabled devices can now dynamically sync colors from websites being visited in Vivaldi.

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features added

Browse with Razer Chroma

To get the new Chroma integration up and running, head to Settings > Themes and click Edit Theme. Make sure the box for "Accent Color from Active Page" is ticked. This means Vivaldi will pick up the accent color of the site currently being viewed and apply it to the browser's interface.

Next, scroll to the bottom of the Themes Settings page and tick the box to "Enable Chroma". Pick which devices you'd like to sync with, and you're good to go! Your lights will now adapt to the color of the site being visited in Vivaldi.

Razer Chroma integration settings in Vivaldi browser

Adjust Speed Dial size

We want your Start Page to feel just right. So we've added new sizing options for those of you who like your Speed Dials bigger, smaller or scaled to fit the number of columns.

Adjust this under Settings → Start Page → Speed Dial