Vivaldi has been updated

What’s New?

You can now build your own interface by moving buttons between toolbars. Hold Shift and drag a button (like Back or Forward) to try it out.

We've also added new ways to manage and access your bookmarks, set up multiple user profiles and make simple calculations in Quick Commands (opened using F2 / ⌘E).

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Vivaldi 2.4 Icon Customization


bugs fixed


features added

Tinkering with Toolbars

We’ve always worked towards having a fully customizable user interface. The first step was giving you the option to remove buttons from the Navigation Toolbar by right-clicking them and selecting "Remove From Toolbar".

With this update, you can also move buttons between the Navigation and Status Bars – a functionality unique to Vivaldi.

Try it out and start shaping Vivaldi to fit your vision of how a browser should look.

Hold Shift and drag a button anywhere you like.

Drag and drop icons in Vivaldi browser's toolbars

Create multiple Profiles

You can now create multiple user profiles in Vivaldi. Each profile that you create will store a separate set of Bookmarks, Speed Dials, Extensions, cookies, browsing history, etc.

You can even configure the way you control the browser on a per-profile basis as well (e.g. different Mouse Gestures, Keyboard Shortcuts between profiles).