Vivaldi has been updated

What’s New?

Our first update of the year included a new way to keep your tabs organised – Auto-Stacking – and adds an option to show Frequently Visited Sites in the Address Field drop-down results. To find out more about our latest updates, visit the Vivaldi Blog below!

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Auto-Stacking tabs in Vivaldi browser, 3D graphic of robot arm


bugs fixed


features added

Get Stacked

Tab Stacks help you declutter and keep your tabs organized. This update adds an Auto-Stacking option to make the process of creating new Stacks even simpler.

Try it out by heading to Settings > Tabs > New Tab Position and selecting "As Tab Stack with Related Tab".

With the new setting enabled, open a few links in new tabs (for example, by holding Shift while clicking a number of links on a search results page). Rather than creating individual new tabs, the newly opened tabs will be added to a single Tab Stack!

Learn more about Tab Stacks