Wrapping up for release – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1745.9

We are closing in on the last release of Vivaldi for 2019, so this snapshot focuses on bug fixes and includes another minor Chromium bump.

Known Issues

  • Characters can be lost when quickly typing in the address field, after opening a new Speed Dial
  • Dead bird sometimes shows on exit

Download (1745.9)


  • [Address Bar] URL is not focused when “Settings → Tabs → New Tab page → Specific Page” is set (VB-59976)
  • [Address Bar][Regression] Should support drag-and-drop editing (VB-60069)
  • [Audio] It is impossible to unmute an inactive tab playing a video (music on YouTube) (VB-51450)
  • [Dev Tools] Audit is broken (VB-47497)
  • [Extensions] Revive the old toggle functionality in the new extension visibility (VB-60576)
  • [Extensions] Horizontal extension-popup instead of vertical extension-popup (VB-60392)
  • [History][Regression][Mac] Popup buttons move to left after hitting Delete (VB-60549)
  • [Linux] Proprietary media and Widevine are not installed for users with a poor internet connection (VB-60547)
  • [Notes][Themes] “Go to address” button has incorrect colors in dark theme (VB-60605)
  • [Quick Commands] History search can be very slow (VB-60573)
  • [Regression] Access key shortcuts list does not show up (VB-60207)
  • [Regression] Does not exit fullscreen for video/plugins when closing or switching tabs (VB-60435)
  • [Regression] Popup window doesn’t close by window.close (VB-59999)
  • [Regression] White background flash before rendering Speed Dial (VB-59795)
  • [Speed Dial][Sync][Regression] Loss of user defined thumbnails (VB-60519)
  • [Speed Dial] The border of the highlighted thumbnail is cut off when using rounded corners (VB-60581)
  • [Sync][Settings] Sync button does not go to the sync section if settings is closed (VB-59431)
  • Long file names make save dialog unreadable (VB-60439)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 79.0.3945.61

Main photo by Matthew Henry