Work begins – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1317.4

After a successful 2.0 release yesterday, we have now started work on our next version.

With Vivaldi 2.0 out the door, work starts afresh. For today’s snapshot we fixed a handful of annoying recent regressions and added a minor, new feature. You can now use “Ctrl + Enter” in Quick Commands to cause links to open in a new tab, without requiring “Settings → Quick Commands → Open Pages in New Tab” to be set.

We are particularly interested in your feedback on the fixes for VB-43831 and VB-43507. So long as they cause no new issues, we will backport them to the stable 2.0 branch.

Download (1317.4)


  • [New] Open Quick Command items in a new tab via modifier keys (VB-43647)
  • [Regression] Crash when deleting bookmarks on panel (VB-42284)
  • [Regression] Extension toggle gets hidden by extension icon when address bar is at bottom (VB-43809)
  • [Regression] Incorrect internal pages favicons when hibernated (VB-43313)
  • [Regression] Moving a tab with stacked tiles to an existing second window triggers crash (VB-43831)
  • [Regression] “mouseup” event not firing for right mouse button (VB-43507)
  • [Regression] Settings in tab can overflow container (VB-43649)
  • [Extension] Wrong about page from extension tray menu (VB-43698)
  • Support vivaldi://restart and vivaldi://quit (VB-36299)

Main photo by Will Broomfield