Weekly snapshot is available for download

Hi everyone,

Last week, our team focused on getting the second Technical Preview out the door.

We got some nice media coverage, yay! Thanks everyone for helping us to spread the word!

The work on improving spatial navigation is ongoing. We’ve tweaked the link selection algorithm and few other things but we still have more to do before this feature works perfectly.

We also improved the on-demand image loading feature. You can now decide which image to load while you are in Show only cashed images mode. For a image not loaded, you can right click and choose Reload Image. It’s still work in progress but we thought you might be interested.

We have also done some work to improve the speed of the Vivaldi UI. This includes updating some components, noticeably React. Hopefully, you notice some nice UI performance improvements 🙂 

Other notable item is the newly added setting for turning off Google’s phishing and malware protection. We take privacy seriously, so here is a brief description of how this feature works.

Vivaldi downloads information fragments about potentially harmful sites which may be phishing or malware sites from Google Safe Browsing repository. When Vivaldi finds a match, Vivaldi requests more information from Google and if there is a complete match with the additional information, Vivaldi warns the user of potential risk in accessing the site. This feature however can be disabled if you wish in the Privacy setting.

You can read more about Google safe browsing API from here.


The latest weekly snapshot build can be snatched from the following.



  • VB-4066: Freeze and Crash-Team Blog
  • VB-3172: Dual Vivaldi icons in taskbar- Standalone Install
  • VB-2574: Option to turn off google Safe browsing
  • VB-2874: Translation issue: label “username” overlaps “user”
  • VB-3362: Opening add bookmark with no search field breaks
  • VB-3377: Bookmark tree branches – expand
  • VB-3416: Highlighted bookmarks’ folder
  • VB-3725: Better spatnav focus indicator
  • VB-3857: Activating full screen on a video takes 5+ seconds
  • VB-3887: Can’t open settings window more than once per session
  • VB-3923: C++ <-> Javascript communication channel for Vivaldi UI
  • VB-3949: Pinned tab size in vertically positioned tab bar
  • VB-1463: Rewind – Unexpected results
  • VB-3717: Spat nav highlights certain elements when clicking with mouse
  • VB-4010: Regression : Missing text input
  • VB-3671: Geolocation message duplicates
  • VB-4062: Spatial navigation should focus images inside links
  • VB-4057: Vivaldi crashes on geolocation
  • VB-4083: Can’t set the technical preview as default browser on ubuntu
  • VB-1534: External links open in Chrome on Mac
  • VB-3826: Setting to control autocomplete in address field
  • VB-4090: Folders in the speed dial won’t open
  • VB-3945: Fast forward not working correctly on Facebook
  • VB-3976: Tab tooltip is not visible when the tabs position is set to bottom
  • VB-4025: Tooltip for a group of tabs displayed not in the right place
  • VB-1874: Tab group tooltip has a poor layout
  • VB-1831: Tooltip animation is gone
  • VB-1856: Tab tooltips are always shown below tabs ignoring tab bar placement
  • VB-4082: Delay before preview when hovering over tab stacks is too long
  • VB-1266: Tooltip gets cropped off screen when in fullscreen
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