Weekly snapshot



It’s Monday, it means time for another snapshot 🙂


This week, we’ve added 3 new languages including Lojban 🙂

  • Indonesian
  • Persian (not supported in Chrome)
  • Lojban (not supported in Chrome) 

As far as new features go, we have now added an option for closing tabs by doubling clicking (finally!). We’ve also added a progress indicator for background tabs. Vivaldi now displays circular progress icon when background tabs are loading.

In case you haven’t noticed, you can choose to only show text on your Bookmark bar. You will have to restart Vivaldi before this setting takes effect though. We will probably add an option to hide the text and show only favicon soon, as this was requested by some users. You can also drag and drop Bookmark bar items to reorder, or add new link by dropping URL on Bookmark bar. There are some bugs so we will continue working on it.


As for importing data from other browsers, we have now added Chrome. But we just discovered that it’s not quite ready for testing yet 🙁

The main issue is that Vivaldi crashes if you import data when there is only single Chrome profile. ;( (We have fixed this issue already so it should be working in the next weekly release.) Please note that since Vivaldi only support single profile at the moment, multiple profiles will be merged into one when imported. Also, this is not yet available on Mac.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. Bug reports are always welcome 🙂

As always, this is a developer snapshot so please run it at your own risk.



  • VB-4117 – Tab tooltips show up when they are disabled in settings
  • VB-4115 – Tab tooltip should not appear when you clicked on a tab
  • VB-1404 – Image control button
  • VB-1159 – Make an option for “double-click to close tab”
  • VB-2368 – More than one settings window opens
  • VB-4119 – Add :hove style for tab tooltips
  • VB-4341 – Update spatial navigation element after scroll
  • VB-4371 – Spatial navigation overrides first attempt at ctrl + a
  • VB-4119 – Add :hover style for tab tooltips
  • VB-4116 – Can’t view Notes
  • VB-4093 – Close tab stack doesn’t work
  • VB-4084 – Display progress indicator on background tabs
  • VB-2963 – Navigation with ENTER through the find results doesn’t work
  • VB-2807 – Updating search results swallows keyboard inputs
  • VB-2694 – It’s possible to scrolls beyond the zoom bar
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