Vivaldi takes the Window Panel to another level.

Vivaldi 5.7, the latest release on desktops and notebooks, gives you options to manage tabs across windows and auto-mark your emails as read.

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The first release of the year, Vivaldi 5.7 on desktop, is here. One of our unique features –  the Window Panel – now has the ability to manage multiple tabs across windows. Thus, we have renamed it the Windows Panel.

At Vivaldi, we always strive to provide options to fit every use case. So we have added new options to the built-in Vivaldi Mail client that would help automatically mark your emails as read. 

With these updates and finer improvements throughout the browser, Vivaldi 5.7 is ready for download on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The Window Panel now is Windows Panel

Vivaldi’s Window Panel is just one of our desktop browser’s many unique features. While most browsers provide a basic tab bar, Vivaldi also has a built-in panel where you can access the tabs in your window. This “tree-style view of tabs” on the side of the browser window gives you another way to manage your tabs.

Until now, this panel was limited to the active window. Now, its functionality has been expanded for all your open windows, making it a Windows Panel.

This makes it particularly useful for those of you who frequently work with multiple browser windows. You can now easily move tabs between the tab bars of different windows, or even between tab stacks (groups) on different windows.

In addition, the search box in the Windows Panel is ideal for the tab hoarders among you. Struggling to find a tab that you know you have open? Now, you can simply search and filter tabs across all of your windows and tab stacks to find exactly what you’re after, instantly.

Another reason the Windows Panel is now more powerful, thanks to the multi-window option, is that you can use it to quickly mass restore all those closed tabs from the trash! 

The new Windows Panel is built into the browser and helps you manage your tabs way better.

Vivaldi Mail: Auto-mark your emails as read 

Vivaldi’s built-in mail client is unique in many ways. One is the number of views for organizing your mail. 

Vivaldi Mail indexes your email and automatically places mails into views. Each mail can appear in different views, providing different paths to a mail. Instead of storing a message in a particular folder, a single message can appear in any “folders” or views.

An advantage Vivaldi Mail has over other mail clients is that it offers different states for your email. Mails can be unseen, unread, and read. You can also filter mails based on whether or not they have been read.

Unseen mails are distinct from unread ones. Unseen is for those messages you have not seen before, while unread is for mail you have seen but not dealt with. Once you have finished reading a message, it can be marked as read and will disappear from the Unread view, but will remain in Received (and other views) for later access. Read mails are those you have both seen and read. And whatever the state, you can easily search for messages as needed. 

In Vivaldi marking something as fully “read” is a manual process by default. We have found that this allows for more powerful management of your email workflow. 

That being said, we recognize that some mail clients and webmail services automatically mark mail as read. And that many of you are used to this workflow. Since we always want Vivaldi to adapt to your different needs, we have added the option to auto-mark your mails as read.

Auto-mark your emails as read in Vivaldi Mail

More power to Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ve also added more capabilities to our fully customizable Keyboard Shortcuts. If you are a keyboard warrior, you can now map your own shortcut to mark emails as spam, without having to use a mouse.

Create your own shortcut to mark emails as spam in Vivaldi Mail

You help Vivaldi improve

As we continue our work on bigger, more innovative browser features that take a considerable amount of time to develop, we also keep sight of other functionality you would like us to implement or improve. And we count on your feedback as we continually fine-tune the browser.

Take a look at the changelog for the noteworthy fixes. Then, give Vivaldi 5.7 a spin. We look forward to your feedback.

Changelog Vivaldi 5.6 to 5.7

  • [New][Windows Panel] Display all windows (VB-40382)
  • [Address Bar] Remove the prioritization of search queries in the typed history (VB-94922)
  • [Address bar] Address field updates too late after redirect (VB-94187)
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete doesn’t find anything (VB-93917)
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete doesn’t take the shortest URL when comparing 2 URLs (VB-94368)
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete doesn’t work in a private window (VB-93807)
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete recommends bookmarks with a longer nickname (VB-93605)
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete stops working after opening a tab with the autocompleted word (VB-93132)
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete value isn’t used when clicking input (VB-94956)
  • [Address bar] Backspace reverts the selected URL to input search term (VB-94740)
  • [Address bar] Broken modifier click in the address field (VB-93885)
  • [Address bar] Can not add a / at end of an already visited URL as the typed history dropdown appears (VB-94837)
  • [Address bar] Cloned tab can have no URL (VB-92969)
  • [Address bar] Crops subdomains from local domains (VB-93965)
  • [Address bar] Display typed text in TypedHistory for search query items (VB-94923)
  • [Address bar] Doesn’t display the type of blocked permissions (VB-73873)
  • [Address bar] Doesn’t escape brackets “[” and “]” in Address bars when copying the address from the address bar (VB-92427)
  • [Address bar] Dropdown is searching for every typed character (VB-92185)
  • [Address bar] Horizontal selection in the address bar not cleared correctly when trying to re-select (VB-94339)
  • [Address bar] Improving typed history (VB-93862)
  • [Address bar] Paste and go does not work if the buffer contains part of the address (VB-92564)
  • [Address bar] Pasted word in the address field doesn’t evoke suggestions (VB-92395)
  • [Address bar] Selecting text from an unfocused Address Field using horizontal dragging is not possible if “Select Address on Activation” is enabled (VB-94047)
  • [Address bar] The best result is removed when navigating in the dropdown (VB-94805)
  • [Address bar] Typed history must autocomplete on text than the title
  • [Address bar] Typed history title is cut when navigating in the dropdown (VB-94817)
  • [Address bar] URL Field can select the wrong best ‘result based’ (VB-94431)
  • [Address bar] Use a new typed history algorithm for autocomplete (VB-95008)
  • [Address bar][Crash] Error message when typing an address: additional fix (VB-93276)
  • [Address bar][Crash] On autocomplete for some users (VB-94395)
  • [Address bar][Keyboard] A search term shouldn’t get the autocomplete value when selected from the drop-down (VB-95235)
  • [Address bar][Keyboard] Ctrl Backspace doesn’t delete words in the address field (VB-93737)
  • [Address bar][Settings] Allow disabling of autocomplete on item title (VB-93420)
  • [Address bar][Settings] Disabling select address on activation setting dysfunctional (VB-93283)
  • [Calendar] Add Accept header to CalDAV requests (VB-94911)
  • [Calendar] Align edges of a calendar entry in month view (VB-93427)
  • [Calendar] All day event synced on the day before when the timezone offset is positive (VB-94063)
  • [Calendar] Can not drag to resize event (VB-94771)
  • [Calendar] Changing “This and Upcoming” does nothing (VB-94954)
  • [Calendar] Clearing search doesn’t return you to the previous calendar view (VB-94649)
  • [Calendar] Default to the agenda view in the calendar panel (VB-94183)
  • [Calendar] Editor still shows after the event is created (VB-94606)
  • [Calendar] Error setting property of read-only object (VB-94613)
  • [Calendar] Event Property Icons are hard to see Calendar Event Property Icons are hard to see (VB-94367)
  • [Calendar] Event update from server not saved in Vivaldi (VB-94104)
  • [Calendar] Google Tasks mark completed not set (VB-93548)
  • [Calendar] Hide “New Event Created” notifications for new events added to synced/remote calendars (VB-94184)
  • [Calendar] Incorrect time for floating time events (VB-94772)
  • [Calendar] Notification not shown for recurring event reminder (VB-92376)
  • [Calendar] Open Calendar Manager from the Task panel icon using the right and middle mouse click (VB-93583)
  • [Calendar] Panel empty state (VB-94182)
  • [Calendar] Prevent 0 of 0 (NaN%) status bar message (VB-94428)
  • [Calendar] Remove gap around unfocused add event button
  • [Calendar] Timeless tasks created with invalid timezone data (VB-94637)
  • [Calendar] Upload valid iCal for events with event exceptions (VB-94769)
  • [Calendar] Warnings logged when copying event (VB-94761)
  • [Calendar] Wrong due date set for Google Task (VB-93549)
  • [Calendar] Wrong time for midnight in day/week view (VB-94208)
  • [Calendar][Mail] Need better error handling around decrypting oAuth refresh_token (VB-93779)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 110.0.5481.111
  • [Clock] System inherited clock’s Japanese format is wrong (VB-93447)
  • [Commands] Add Content Scripts to Chained Commands (VB-93995)
  • [Crash] After opening the link in a new window (VB-93983)
  • [Crash] When opening Chrome Web Store (VB-94635)
  • [Crash][Tabs] When moving grouped tabs from one window to another (VB-94399)
  • [Crash][Panels] When adding web panel (VB-95120)
  • [Developer Tools] Undocking results in an empty window on the first attempt (VB-94370)
  • [Downloads] Refresh the Downloads panel empty state graphic (VB-94369)
  • [Dropdown] Doesn’t remove correct item (VB-94642)
  • [Extensions][Panel] Popup inaccessible when placed in panel (VB-94622)
  • [Fast forward] Make Fast Forward work on single-page web apps (VB-92778)
  • [Feeds] Update supported formats in the Accept header for feeds (VB-93780)
  • [History] Doubled history calendar overflow (VB-93637)
  • [History] Week view duplicate header row (VB-94249)
  • [Linux][Updates] Repository not setup on first install or upgrade on RPM distributions (VB-94717)
  • [macOS] Add “Quit warning” menu element (VB-93811)
  • [macOS] Fullscreen window controls inaccessible (VB-93928)
  • [macOS][Media] Certain videos will not play (VB-94626)
  • [macOS][Menus][Tabs] Tab stacks are not listed in the global window menu (VB-92517)
  • [Mail] Added Threaded sorting option on top of the search list (VB-93794)
  • [Mail] Contacts only show results for one email address when clicked (VB-94265)
  • [Mail] Copy to Note context menu from email now includes the selected text (VB-19427)
  • [Mail] Detect HTML file signature in text/plain emails and switch to HTML rendering mode (VB-94890)
  • [Mail] Disable notifications during initial account sync (VB-92908)
  • [Mail] Extra item “displaying mails for” text searching (VB-95183)
  • [Mail] Fixed default show trash/archive/junk in Received folder (VB-93782)
  • [Mail] Fixed move to trash/junk/archive folder mixup (VB-93778)
  • [Mail] Fixed multiple reference filtering (VB-60145)
  • [Mail] Labels color does not change In non-English UI (VB-94848)
  • [Mail] Lag in composer when replying to a a large message (VB-95001)
  • [Mail] Moving an internal message should not add an IMAP move action to buffer table (VB-94180)
  • [Mail] New mail notifications shown in bulk (VB-93320)
  • [Mail] Newlines are added to replied emails with quoted text (VB-94148)
  • [Mail] No notifications for read messages (VB-32309)
  • [Mail] Prefer text/html|plain when text/plain|html is empty (VB-94529)
  • [Mail] Prefetching stalls (VB-94579)
  • [Mail] Remove buffer requests if their account is offline (VB-75446)
  • [Mail] Size column (VB-89838)
  • [Mail] Some threading optimizations (VB-94194)
  • [Mail] Undelete doesn’t remove a message from Trash (VB-93459)
  • [Mail] Very slow rendering of certain messages (VB-93717)
  • [Mail] prefetching stalls (VB-94579)
  • [Mail][IMAP] Flag for Junk should be uploaded to the server (VB-94145)
  • [Mail][Keyboard][Settings] Keyboard shortcut for marking/unmarking spam (VB-94170)
  • [Mail][Notifications] Clicking on mail notification does not open the mail (VB-93399)
  • [Mail][Panel] Click on icon error icon in the panel just opens notification (VB-94829)
  • [Mail][Settings] Auto mark as read (VB-75314)
  • [Mail][Settings] No error when something is wrong in server settings (VB-94770)
  • [Mail][Settings] No way to dismiss tips or see Server/Alias tabs after in-account setup(VB-94768)
  • [Menus] Add an activate entry to the window panel menu (VB-93286)
  • [Menus] Address field is empty when editing the Open Link command (VB-94688)
  • [Menus] Let the Window menu include an entry with other windows and their content (VB-93261)
  • [Onboarding] Classic selected even after clicking Essentials in the welcome dialog (VB-93122)
  • [Onboarding] Clicks go through the Add Mail Account Wizard overlay (VB-94221)
  • [Onboarding] Move panels to the right when the tab bar is on the left (VB-94305)
  • [Panels] Buttons can display the wrong badge (VB-93543)
  • [Panels] Close button is misaligned (VB-94919)
  • [Panels] Extension popup inaccessible when placed in Panel (VB-94622)
  • [Panels] Increase default Panel width (VB-93713)
  • [Panels] Scrollbar incorrectly positioned for calendar and tasks (VB-94232)
  • [Panels] Web panel counter detection broken for some sites (VB-93433)
  • [Panels][Toolbars] Status bar items don’t display well in the panel (VB-92973)
  • [Panels][Window Panel] Pin a tab stack using drag and drop (VB-93363)
  • [Popup] X to close is on top of illustration in save password dialog (VB-94542)
  • [Profiles] Replace Chrome graphics in profile selector dialog (VB-93927)
  • [Protocols] Add support for the tel:// (VB-60575)
  • [Quick Commands] Remove Extra Semicolon in Quick Commands (VB-93789)
  • [Quick Commands] Support multiplication sign in the calculator (VB-60640)
  • [Quick Commands] Support division symbol and heavy minus sign (VB-60640)
  • [Reader Mode] Messing with webpage styles (VB-93798)
  • [Search] Favicon shown in wrong tab (VB-94645)
  • [Settings] Menu visual glitches (VB-89624)
  • [Settings][Protocols] Prompt the user if the site should be allowed to handle protocol (VB-92426)
  • [Settings][Spatial Navigation] Move Spatial Navigation to Keyboard (VB-71354)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Can not reach single items of unread forum posts (VB-93630)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Doesn’t handle clickable elements assigned with addEventListener (VB-6188)
  • [Speed Dial] Back arrow misplaced (VB-94340)
  • [Sync] Synchronize custom bookmark thumbnail metadata (VB-93139)
  • [Sync][Bookmarks] Synchronize custom bookmark thumbnail metadata (VB-93139)
  • [Tabs] Every tab moves to the first position when opening one too many tabs (VB-92995)
  • [Tabs] Incorrect activation order when closing tabs (VB-93887)
  • [Tabs] Pinned tabs are not saved when closing the window with Alt+F4 (VB-93082)
  • [Tabs] Should not unselect after tiling (VB-85223)
  • [Tabs] Startup Pages do not always get saved (VB-93763)
  • [Tabs] Switcher UI cut off in list view with many tabs (VB-93157)
  • [Tabs] Tile set background leaks into vertical transparent Tab Bar (VB-94150)
  • [Tabs] Tiled tab layout not maintained after browser restart (VB-93775)
  • [Tabs] Vertical tab favicons show through a floating panel (VB-93926)
  • [Themes] Background Resets after Reboot (VB-85062)
  • [Themes] Many popup interface dialogs have cut corners when using medium rounding (VB-94802)
  • [Themes][History] All history analytics are black when the highlight color is black (VB-94528)
  • [Toolbars] Search and address field can’t be dragged in the editor (VB-93920)
  • [UI] Permission dialog pops up when Geolocation is Blocked or Denied (VB-95184)
  • [Welcome page] When choosing essentials the download button should be added to the address bar (VB-94589)
  • [Windows Panel][Panels] Wrong tile menu (VB-94755)
  • [Windows] Add support for custom Windows accent color on windows borders on Windows 11 (VB-93802)
  • [Windows] Desktop shortcut pinned to taskbar creates duplicate taskbar icon (VB-73720)
  • [Windows] The window is bleeding 1 pixel into the other monitor when maximized (VB-94351)
  • [Windows][Installer] Default focused button should be “Accept and update” or “Install” (VB-93428)
  • [Windows][Installer] Install should be prevented on systems older than Windows 10 (VB-94821)
  • [Zoom] Page zoom controls broken in the vertical toolbar (VB-93956)

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