Vivaldi 3.3 RC 2 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 2022.27/30

Today’s snapshot is the second release candidate for 3.3 for desktop and notebooks.

Release candidate feedback

To help us get 3.3 out the door as soon as possible, please focus your feedback on serious regressions since 3.2 stable. If you want to ask about new (post 3.3) features or longstanding issues, please do so on our forums.

As a bonus, there are also pre-release links to equivalent builds for the stable stream. These are for those of you who wish to upgrade early (having first tested in snapshot configuration). Autoupdate to these (or newer) stable builds will not be enabled until further testing is completed and the final is released.

Known Issues

  • When installed before the official 3.3 release date, build 2022.30 will show the wrong “What’s New” page on first launch.

Download – Snapshot stream (2022.27)

Download – Stable stream (2022.30)

(Note: Snapshot build 2022.27 and Stable 2022.30 are identical, except for icon resources and the stream they will receive updates from.)


  • [Address bar][Regression] Typed URL disappears until loading (VB-71018)
  • [Address bar][Regression] Internal page address flashes chrome-extension URL instead of mapped one (VB-71295)
  • [Address bar][Regression] Pages are often blank when navigation is initiated from url field (VB-70729)
  • [Address bar][Regression] Opening a new blank tab briefly flashes about:blank (VB-71328)
  • [Address bar] Port number isn’t displayed on URL addressbar (VB-70975)
  • [Address bar] Spaces are replaced with %20 in address bar even before hitting enter (VB-71280)
  • [Quick Commands] Encode Term for Search Keywords (VB-71186)
  • [Tabs][Regression] Internal favicons are blurry (VB-71287)

Main photo by Braden Collum