Vivaldi 1.15 : Just Better.

Wondering how to make Vivaldi truly yours? Read more and find out what’s in our latest version update 1.15, launched today

Vivaldi 1.15 – Just better.

Our new version 1.15 has arrived – giving you even more control over the appearance and functionality of the browser.

What makes us stand out from the rest of the pack are the little details tucked away in our features and the different ways that allow you to carry out the same function using different methods. And that’s exactly what this update is all about.

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Visually striking appearance

A simple theory of DIY (Do It Yourself) fits in perfectly as the basic design criterion for Vivaldi is to provide several different ways of doing things. In reality, people are different, and they prefer to do things differently. Personal preference is key.

We know that you love to make Vivaldi personal. With Vivaldi’s extensive theming support, we give you endless possibilities to customize the User Interface, enough to feel at home no matter how you choose to use it. You can select, edit and schedule Themes according to your preferred mood and time.  

With so many options available, there really is something for everyone. And if you are all about customization, then Window Background Image is just right for you – a really quick and easy way to spice up the look of your browser. You can now modify the appearance of your browser by selecting an image and setting it up as your window background.

Simply go to Settings, then Appearance, and you can find this new feature just below the Window Appearance section. You can easily get started with a repeating pattern that is available as the pre-set. You can also experiment with the default pattern with various themes to browse seamlessly. 

Ready to try it out? Read our tips and tricks to achieve texture perfection!

Dynamic Bookmarks

Baked into the browser itself, our comprehensive Bookmarks system encourages you to rely less on extensions and gives you as much control as possible.

Always pushing boundaries to add more flexibility, Vivaldi already offers numerous ways that help you to access your favorite collection of sites from the Bookmark Panel, Bookmark manager, Bookmark Bar and Speed Dial. With Version 1.15, you can access your bookmarks from the main Menu, a very convenient option.

All round improvements

While we are determined to incorporate more features, we are continually working on the finer details of every aspect of Vivaldi to make it better and better with each version. Some nifty fine-tuning and significant fixes have made their way in Vivaldi 1.15, thus facilitating more efficient and smooth browsing.

  • Capture tweaks: The Capture feature is a great example of our user-centric approach. One of our most popular built-in tools to communicate online now allows you to select the last option to persist even after restarting the browser.
  • Full-Screen mode enhancements: If you use the full-screen mode often, you can enjoy more screen real estate as you can easily toggle the appearance of the UI on and off through the Keyboard Shortcuts. While you are in the full-screen mode, you can access the various elements of the UI such Address Bar and Panels.
  • Better sound: Great news! We have ironed out some major issues for those who have encountered HTML5 audio problems where sound would not play or has played at wrong speed. We are confident to remove more of such stumbling blocks going forward.

Your constant feedback and support bring us this far. It only shows what a committed, energized global community can do when they work together.

Give our new version a try, let us know what you think and help us create a browser experience that excites you!

Check out the full changelog below.

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Changelog from 1.14 to 1.15

 New features

  • [New] Possibility of having an image as window background (VB-36937)
  • [New] “Bookmarks” in the main menu (VB-7980)
  • [New] Access individual panels and toolbars in full screen mode via keyboard shortcuts or quick commands (VB-37039)



  • [Linux] Pinned icon (GNOME favourites) does not start Vivaldi (VB-36741)
  • [Linux] Save password dialog does not show up (VB-38805)
  • [Mac] Default shortcuts for next/previous tab changed to “⌥+⌘+[Arrow]” — used to be “⇧+⌘+[Arrow]” (VB-18300)
  • [Mac] Shortcut for emoji not working on Mac OS X in the UI (VB-18960)
  • [Windows] Session lost when restarting Vivaldi before the existing process has fully exited: added “Vivaldi is exiting” dialog (VB-28359)


  • [Media] Broken sound from online radio and mp3 files (VB-30381))
  • [Media] Slow AAC audio (VB-36469)


  • [Bookmarks] Add Bookmark dialog cut off in popup windows (VB-38858)
  • [Bookmarks] Add option to Delete separator from the context menu (VB-38602)
  • [Bookmarks] Add possibility to add Separator from blank space (VB-38604)
  • [Bookmarks] Bookmark indicator does not always update (VB-37274)
  • [Bookmarks] Cannot create a new bookmark from the context menu (VB-38781)
  • [Bookmarks] Description may disappear when refreshing thumbnail (VB-37621)
  • [Bookmarks] Folder menu cover the bookmarks bar item when the bar is on the bottom (VB-10288)
  • [Bookmarks] It takes a long time to open V-menu with a big set of bookmarks (VB-38162)
  • [Bookmarks] Main folders from Speed dials are not highlighted (VB-38574)


  • [Downloads] Download panel uses incorrect date format (VB-28395)
  • [Downloads] Focus lost when deleting download item (VB-35705)


  • [Notes] Add Markdown code highlighting and style improvements (VB-21043)
  • [Notes] Creating an invalid Markdown Task List causes the notes panel to break (VB-37137)
  • [Notes] Support display of To-do in notes Markdown: without saved state (VB-36974)
  • [Notes] Wrong focus styling on buttons and avoid jumping text (VB-38922)

Quick Commands

  • [Quick Commands] Certain keys do not work on Quick command with US layout keyboard (VB-37119)
  • [Quick Commands] Make Alt + up / down jump to next / previous section (VB-37005)
  • [Quick Commands] Make tab cycle through quick commands (VB-38505)
  • [Quick Commands] Rounded corners on Quick Commands (VB-38719)
  • [Quick commands] Always open pages in new tab (VB-28863)

Search Engines

  • [Search Engines] Prevent removal of default search engine (VB-38379)
  • [Search Engines] Restore buttons overflow (VB-33519)
  • [Search Engines] Search engine list scroll on keyboard navigation (VB-36813)
  • [Search Engines] Unchecking private search engine does nothing (VB-37671)


  • [Settings] Keep UI zoom control in view (VB-32501)
  • [Settings] Mouse Gestures don’t paint after settings search (VB-38396)
  • [Settings] Use both columns in Search Settings (VB-38239)
  • [Settings] Various issues with closing of a settings window (VB-29091)
  • [Settings] https:// in the welcome page can’t be removed (VB-37146)

Speed Dials

  • [Speed Dials] Ghost processes after SD reload (VB-38677)
  • [Speed Dials] Pending thumbnail updates displayed incorrectly in status bar (VB-38918)
  • [Speed Dials] Tiled SD links open in wrong tile (VB-38891)
  • [Speed Dials] Update causes timeout (VB-38725)


  • [Themes] Improved transparent tabs with background image (VB-37818)
  • [Themes] Minimum light contrast (VB-26062)
  • [Themes] Set scheduled theme on window open (VB-36292)
  • [Themes] When schedule is changed, set theme to schedule (VB-36392)
  • [Themes] With rounded corners cut part of characters typed in the search field (VB-38752)

Address bar

  • [Address bar] Context menu covers the address bar item when the bar on the bottom (VB-38866)
  • [Address bar] Make tab cycle through address bar results (VB-38616)
  • [Address bar] Update Refresh and Home icons (VB-38767)

Other fixes

  • Capture setting in Status Bar menu should persist after browser restart (VB-37626)
  • Crash dialog isn’t localized (VB-4572)
  • Google Chat is not supported in Vivaldi (VB-39030)
  • Handle before unloading events on tab close in the UI (VB-3984)
  • Handle duplicate keyboard shortcuts more gracefully (VB-5535)
  • Keyboard selection of saved sessions is impossible (VB-35341)
  • Lower default mouse gesture sensitivity (VB-33980)
  • Mark active page in cycler (VB-11010)
  • New window sizing is incorrect (VB-33735)
  • No UI with some –user-agent command line switches (VB-29162)
  • Pinned tabs are lost on multi-windows/monitors scenarios (VB-18997)
  • Popup windows with long titles overlap window controls (VB-35897)
  • Rapid clicks to close tabs resize window (VB-30351)
  • Should use page title when creating desktop shortcut via drag to desktop (VB-18811)
  • Show tab stacks in window menu (VB-38093)
  • Tab count is wrong in the Window Panel (VB-38441)
  • Text for search results on Keyboard Cheat Sheet is misaligned (VB-37872)
  • Visual tab switcher cycling improvement (VB-38565)
  • History: Date range in header of List view not updated to current range (VB-27125)
  • F8 should show the address field when in chrome less or fullscreen modes (VB-34820)
  • Upgraded translations (and added Slovenian)
  • Selected (applicable) security Chromium patches from v66
  • Upgraded Chromium to 65.0.3325.183

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