Snapshot 1.0.435.29 – Vivaldi 1.0 final RC1

Today’s snapshot is Vivaldi 1.0 Release Candidate 1. Assuming no major, new issues are discovered, we will rebuild this with a few more updates to translations and set it to update users of our beta channel, in the near future.

Download (1.0.435.29)


  • Omnidropdown only displays default search engine name (VB-14605)
  • [Windows] [Linux] Black text on dark background happens with horizontal menus and color tab bar background (VB-14819)
  • [Regression] Web Panel home button or pressing Enter in the URL field will not cause a reload (VB-14790)
  • Crash when loading URL with invalid character (VB-10640)
  • Persist selected search engine in search field (VB-14733)
  • Search suggest for Wikipedia, and DuckDuckGo for other regions (VB-14705)