Snapshot 1.5.626.8 – URL field enhancements, Vivaldi banners and a small update

Today’s snapshot clears up a bunch of issues, with a particular focus on the URL field. There is also a “small update”, which will become apparent in the next release.

You will need to download today’s Windows snapshot to see the surprise in our next one.

Vivaldi Banners

If you run a website and want to help spread the word about Vivaldi, consider adding one of our buttons or banners.

Download (1.5.626.8)


  • [Windows] UAC dialog appears backgrounded sometimes during upgrade (VB-21383)
  • [Regression] Folder selection doesn’t work in Add Bookmark dialog (VB-21844)
  • [Regression][Notes] URL from previous note displayed in note without URL (VB-21714)
  • [Search field] Improve results update in drop down
  • [Spatnav] Can skip links that should be focussed (VB-21273)
  • [Speed Dial] Crash while adding (VB-21795)
  • [Themes] Performance can be improved further (VB-21797)
  • [URL] Result from one tab can surface in another tab (VB-21977)
  • [URL] Progress bar showing more loaded elements than total elements (VB-21814)
  • [URL] Use “?” in to explicitly specify a search (VB-19713)
  • [URL] Dragging scroll bars closed the drop down (VB-21859)
  • [URL] Right click on the address bar doesn’t select the whole URL (VB-19561)
  • [URL] Autocompletion sometimes not working on new single key chars (VB-21863)
  • Open sessions dialog is cut by browser UI (VB-21858)
  • Settings search field looses focus (VB-21922)
  • Pressing “Save As” for some file types doesn’t always prompt for path (VB-7762)
  • Make “Bookmark All Open Pages” save into newly created folder (VB-5491)
  • Tab activation a mess when middle clicking close button (VB-19864)
  • Do not show trash folder on bookmarks bar (VB-21762)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 53.0.2785.148