Tab renaming – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3392.10

In today’s snapshot we allow tab renaming and fix issues related to the address bar, ad blocker, mail and tabs.

Download (3392.10)


  • [New][Tabs] Allow tab renaming (VB-23686)
  • [New][Mail] Show fetching progress with pause and resume button in Mail Panel (VB-107070)
  • [A11y] Label Speed Dial, toolbars, dialogs, and pop-outs: screen reader support (VB-107042)
  • [Address bar] Add some text padding (VB-107212)
  • [Address bar] Typing websites does not always offer going to root domain (VB-107020)
  • [Address bar] URLs with line breaks are incorrectly parsed (VB-91961)
  • [Address bar] Should reset address field state when switching tab via dropdown (VB-107342)
  • [Blocker] Add uBlock option aliases support (VB-107194)
  • [Blocker][Crash] Avoid reading passed the rule buffer for single character ‘#’ comment (VB-107413)
  • [Calendar] Add possibility to set recurrence for last day/weekday of month (VB-101970)
  • [Calendar] Focus stolen from date picker dialog (VB-106507)
  • [Calendar] Import to remote calendar creates a new local one (VB-107209)
  • [Calendar] Navigating to vivaldi:calendar sets up first account but does not enable calendar feature (VB-107357)
  • [Calendar] When deleting an event with participants, send a cancellation notice (VB-103989)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 126.0.6478.119
  • [Extensions] Get duplicated (VB-104301)
  • [Feeds] When you delete RSS feeds, they leave garbage in Local Storage (VB-106060)
  • [Import] Cannot import Vivaldi to Vivaldi (VB-107401)
  • [Keyboard][Windows] Further issues with Alt+F4
  • [Mail] Cannot expand or collapse mailinglist and account view without changing the contents in the mail tab (VB-69280)
  • [Mail] Mail saved filters are showing wrong “Search in” folder (VB-107350)
  • [Mail] Missing mail filter buttons for account (VB-105687)
  • [Mail] Onboarding dialog content overflow
  • [Mail] Quick reply double click to return to previous height (VB-107306)
  • [Mail] Replying to and from accounts in same client gives incorrect recipient (VB-107312)
  • [Panel] [Extensions] Chrome are not displayed in context menu on web panel (VB-104482)
  • [Panel] Web panels crashes when hibernated/discarded (VB-105374)
  • [Popout Video] PIP Window is off-screen when you used it on a second monitor which is no longer connected (VB-91647)
  • [Quick Commands] Add toggle to ‘force a dark theme on all websites’ (VB-107259)
  • [Search] Add Suggest URLs for Google, Yahoo and Startpage (VB-106786)
  • [Speed Dial] The arrow should point to the right when the input isn’t empty to indicate it will run a search (VB-107215)
  • [Speed dial] Broken speed dial images do not use correct fallback (VB-107275)
  • [Tabs] Drag and drop of tab out of stack ends up wrong location (VB-106217)
  • [Tabs] Moving a tab to another window opens a new tab in the original window (VB-107329)
  • [Tabs] New tab does not open at the end of the tab bar with some settings (VB-107435)
  • [Tabs][Cycler] List stays up after releasing Ctrl+Tab quickly with many tabs (VB-107288)
  • [Tabs][Keyboard] Ctrl+Tab doesn’t cycle tabs in recently used order (VB-107369)
  • [UI] Popup asking for Sending Crashdumps has cut button (VB-107207)

Main photo by Aziz Acharki.