Autofill Settings – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3405.3

You can now manage your saved autofill credit cards and addresses in Settings: Privacy.

Person pulling a card out of a wallet

Known Issues

  • Settings window crashes when cancelling authentication prompt before displaying saved credit card (VB-107947)
  • Displays generic or wrong saved credit card issuer logo (VB-107948)

Download (3405.3)


Updated: Added VB-97258, VB-106316, VB-107532, VB-107605, VB-106403, and VB-107117 which were missing at the time of publication.

  • [New][Settings] Autofill for saved credit cards and saved addresses (Privacy settings) (VB-100960)
  • [New][Settings] Regular and Compact UI density (Appearance settings) (VB-104443). This was prematurely announced and is not available in this build.
  • [Address Field] Domain result unexpectedly centered in droop-down (VB-107857)
  • [Calendar] A single broken event stops syncing of whole calendar (VB-107396)
  • [Calendar] Single item failure in CalDAV parsing prevents valid items parsing (VB-107708)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 126.0.6478.166
  • [Crash][Linux] Export password uses wrong parent window (VB-107881)
  • [Crash][macOS] On closing the “Leave site?” popup [beforeunload] (VB-104649)
  • [Export] Feeds and Reading List failed to export (VB-107552)
  • [Export] Improve error handling (VB-107740)
  • [History] Items persists for a short while after clearing browsing data (VB-107530)
  • [History][Performance] Various work to improve History Manager performance
  • [Importer] Cannot import from HTML Bookmarks file / Issues with multiple Firefox profiles (VB-107436)
  • [Importer] Styling missing for Import HTML Bookmarks dialog pane (VB-107438)
  • [macOS] Enable iCloud recovery key and fix unexportable keys and WebAuth UVK (VB-107597)
  • [macOS][Web Compatibility] Swipe gesture cannot be consumed by page (VB-107749)
  • [macOS] History swipe gesture in PWA with Magic Mouse does not work (VB-107880)
  • [macOS] PWAs on macOS do not recognize Magic Mouse scroll input (VB-81175)
  • [macOS][Keyboard] Shortcut to toggle devtools broken when devtools is focused (VB-107543)
  • [Periodic Reload] Disable missing from Tab Stack context menu (VB-97258)
  • [Periodic Reload] Selected interval not indicated on Tab Stack (VB-106316)
  • [Mail] Vivaldi uses IMAP /Sent folder when it should use the special \Sent folder (VB-107519)
  • [Mail] Mark Read button added via Toolbar Editor does not have feature the opposite Unread state (VB-107532)
  • [Mail] Allow creating IMAP custom folders under any folder (VB-107656)
  • [Mail] Connection timeout while waiting for oAuth (VB-107599)
  • [Mail] Error iterating the Search DB Queue (VB-107798)
  • [Mail] IMAP table bulkAdd errors when moving messages to trash (VB-107414)
  • [Mail] Lower logging levels for intermittent and noisy messages (VB-102850)
  • [Mail] Prefetch performance: further improvements (VB-107192)
  • [Mail] Read and Trash mail filter buttons are missing for account folders (VB-107561)
  • [Settings] Reset All Toolbars doesn’t reset the Mail toolbars (VB-107605)
  • [Tabs][Settings] Make the tab memory usage info independent from the “Show Popup Thumbnails” option (VB-106403)
  • [Tabs] Tab Thumbnail appears as you select text elsewhere in the UI (VB-104719)
  • [Tabs] After closing a popout; opening a new tab opens a new window instead (VB-103885)
  • [Web Panels] Panels listed in the Closed Tabs menu after closing windows (VB-107117)

Main photo by Liza Summer.