Two awesome new features – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.947.3

Today’s Snapshot debuts two features you’ve asked us for – an info toggle for the Download Panel (yes, that includes download speed) and adjustable saturation for accent colors.

Download Panel info toggle settings in Vivaldi

Download Panel Info Toggle

Recently, we’ve stepped up the game with the Download Panel by adding the ability to sort downloads any way you like. Many of you wondered if we were going to add the download speed to the mix, and guess what – we just did. Not only that, but we also made a brand-new info toggle in the Download Panel that shows you everything you need to know about your downloads: name of the file, download speed, download URL, destination folder, and date and time.

Limit Accent Color Saturation

Our Twitter feed is full of great feedback. We keep a close eye on things and try to get back to everyone, of course, but once in a while there’s a “quick win” that pops up – something that makes sense and we can implement relatively painlessly. Case in point, earlier this week @Runewake2 flagged up that YouTube’s latest logo update results in a pretty aggressive accent color in Vivaldi.