Vivaldi browser Technical Preview 4 is here!

After 7 weekly snapshots, lots of bug fixing and 4 weeks of the entire team working together in Magnolia, today we are releasing Technical Preview 4!

Vivaldi TP4 comes with lots of bug fixes, functional improvements, and some cool new features.

It is a significant update to TP3. We’re heading into the right direction and coming closer to delivering that different web browser experience that you and millions of others want.

Here are some of the highlights of TP4:

Significant UI customizations

With TP4, we expanded UI customization options even more. Already, Vivaldi offers the most customizable user interface of all current web browsers (more than 155 million combinations, actually). Those are new today:

  • Startpage customization
  • UI zoom
  • Cleaner Speed Dial and Speed Dial options
  • Light and Dark UI (with or without tab coloring enabled)

New Settings menu

As we are adding more configuration options, we’ve tweaked our Settings menu to provide a better and easier way to customize your browsing experience

Keyboard shortcut cheat sheet

We all need a helping hand sometimes. That’s why we’ve added a handy cheat sheet to give you a quick way to see all of your keyboard shortcuts.

Gestures with touchpad

We know mouse gestures are great, so we made them work even without a mouse with Alt key. Now you can use your favorite gesture with touchpad on your laptop with ease, too.

Tab switching with mouse wheel

One minor thing but something you asked for and we were happy to deliver.

For those of you who prefer the facts, this is the full set of major changes.


  • Startup options
  • Improvements to spatial navigation
  • Keyboard shortcuts (incl. cheat sheet)
  • Gestures (incl. tab switching & keyboard activation)
  • Improved installer (it’s now possible to install Vivaldi without admin privileges)
  • Reworked settings
  • Support for some additional extension APIs
  • Ready for Windows 10
  • Customizable UI
  • Performance improvements
  • Autoupdate for Mac and Win x64
  • Better HiDPI support
  • Better bookmark management
  • Linux forward and back mouse button support
  • …hundreds of bug fixes

Thanks to all of you who helped us test weekly builds, reporting issues to get to where we are. We are one step closer to beta and without your support, we couldn’t have been here. Special thanks always goes to our dedicated and passionate Sopranos.

Windows 32-bit TP3 users will get this update automatically. All others can download TP4 at

Let us know what you think about it and don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this awesome web browser!