Tab Muting – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1628.21

The previous snapshot had a feature allowing you to mute website that is currently silent. It did not quite work as expected. Let’s try again.

Download (1628.21)


  • [Regression] Pasted bookmark titles/descriptions need a space to be searched from address field in new tabs (VB-55868)
  • [Regression] Zoom widget in status bar not updated when zooming with mouse wheel (VB-56095)
  • [Address Bar] Autocomplete does not close when cutting all text (VB-56029)
  • [Address Bar] Paste & Go appends clipboard to current address (VB-55601)
  • [macOS] Session lost through integrated task manager in Vivaldi (VB-55801)
  • [Tabs] Muting in advance doesn’t work (VB-56099)
  • Updated translations

Main photo by Ocean Biggshott