Status Bar Loading Info – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1594.4

Today’s snapshot adds loading info to the status bar and fixes a bunch of regressions.

Status Bar Loading Info

You are probably often wondering what happens and why it takes so long for a heavy page to load. With this update, you can see all states of loading a page in the status bar. The list includes: “Processing request”, “Waiting for”, “Connecting”, Establishing secure connection”.

Known Issues

  • [Regression] Cannot add Flash (VB-54997)
  • [Regression] Search in settings looses focus after first letter typed (VB-55131)

Download (1594.4)


  • [New Feature] Add info to the status field when a page is loading VB-37668
  • [Regression][Address Bar] “Always prefer bookmarks” option does nothing VB-54365
  • [Regression][Capture Page] Does not capture full width on very wide pages VB-54167
  • [Regression] Crash when clicking a Wikipedia link in DuckDuckGo VB-54513
  • [Regression] Disabling autocomplete breaks search in address field VB-54745
  • [Regression] Favicon in bookmark lost VB-54938
  • [Regression] Icons not shown when using Save As VB-52884
  • [Regression] Opening a new tab resizes maximized window VB-55036
  • [Regression][Speed Dial] Thumbnail reload broken with HiDPI VB-54690
  • [Speed Dial] Bookmark update after thumbnail change VB-55022
  • [Quick Commands] Typing a port higher than the 16-bit range crashes Vivaldi VB-54213
  • Upgraded Chromium to 76.0.3809.50