Stabilizing for 1.10 – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.10.867.27

The main focus of today’s snapshot is stabilization for 1.10.

Stabilizing for the next release of the Vivaldi browser

That’s right – we’re starting this week by closing in on the 1.10 final. With the stable release just around the corner, we’re focusing on fixing regressions.

There are still some bugs and regressions we know we need to address before we’re ready for the final 1.10 release. If you think we may have missed something, now would be the perfect time to let us know.

Download (1.10.867.27)


  • [Regression] Missing history calendar weeks (VB-28944)
  • [Regression] Non-existing settings category title breaks tab and session (VB-29136)
  • [Regression] Wrong rendering of note icons (VB-29102)
  • Crash when configured Startup page is a page with basic authentication (VB-29124)