Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30

From today’s snapshot we start on the path towards stabilizing for a 2.5 release. There will be a focus on regression fixes for the next few snapshots.

Known Issues

  • See previous snapshot
  • [Regression] Extension icons appear in address field (VB-52556)

Download (1525.30)


  • [Regression] Checking “Allow in Incognito (Private Window)” makes the extension icon disappear VB-51905
  • [Regression] First char not registered when opening tab and entering G VB-51861
  • [Regression] Ctrl+P prints the previous page, rather than PDF VB-52337
  • [Regression] Download “save as” and “open” just save in default location VB-51913
  • [Regression] Broken highlighting when the current tab is selected VB-52412
  • [Regression] Address bar drop-down history section blinks VB-52349
  • [Regression] Typed history in search field does not show up sometimes VB-52340
  • [Regression] Broken image capture names for some users VB-49068
  • [Regression] [Windows] Window controls invisible when window background is active and tabs are not on Top VB-52296
  • [macOS] No setting to disable “Hold ⌘Q to Quit” VB-52231
  • Download panel empty on restart VB-50546
  • The reload button still uses the old icon design VB-52342

Main photo by Serge Lambotte