Stabilization for 3.1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.13

Today’s snapshot focuses on fixes as we prepare for an update to our stable branch.

Known Issues

  • [macOS][Media] Instagram videos struggle to play (VB-66211)

Download (1929.3)


  • [Address bar] Mic and Camera permissions are not triggered on some sites (VB-65013)
  • [Address bar][Regression] Redundant audiocapture permission (VB-67405)
  • [Extensions] Loom gives error message: “Allow access to your ..” (VB-67033)
  • [History] Date being formatted as “maio, 27 2020AM” (VB-67973)
  • [Notes manager] Should work like other start page components (VB-67971)
  • [Notes manager] Update Tree column grid display and resizing mechanism to make better use of space (VB-67715)
  • [Notes manager][Regression] Editing note frequently shifts focus to the start (VB-67998)
  • [Settings] Add Mouse Gesture command selection dropdown broken (VB-67265)
  • [Tabs] Cannot reach close buttons in vertical tab stack tooltip (VB-58734)

Main photo by Michal Czyz