Snapshot – Visual tab cycler and better cookie management

Today’s snapshot includes our initial version of a visual tab cycler and better cookie management.

New Tab Cycler

When cycling through many tabs using the keyboard (Ctrl+Tab), it can be tricky to know which tab will appear next. Particularly so, when cycling in recently used order—Vivaldi’s default setting. A tab cycler solves that problem by displaying the list of tabs in the same order and giving your extra visual clues such as page title and a thumbnail.

Below is our initial implementation. To enable it, open “Settings (Preferences on Mac)” and navigate to “Tabs → Tab Cycling → Cycle Tabs Visually”.

Tab Cycler

We are currently improving this cycler further so that it is visually more pleasing and functional. In addition we need to do more work on thumbnails, since not always updated correctly. If you see issues with thumbnails not updating and have ideas about when it happens, let us know in the comments below.

Better cookie management

Previously the cookie management section in “Settings”—“Privacy → Cookie Control → Cookies”—only gave you a count of cookies by domain, with simple options to delete them all. We have now improved this to provide more fine grained control, allowing you to view and delete individual cookies. A small touch but very handy for those of you who are cautious about tracking!

Cookie Manager

Known issues

  • Vivaldi is only shown in English
  • Autoupdate to this version is disabled—we don’t want to update people to a language they are uncomfortable with
  • Tabs opened in the background can’t be switched to via Ctrl+Tab

Download (


  • VB-1955 Cookie manager update
  • VB-110 Modal dialog for tab cycling / tab switching
  • VB-8527 Extension icon does not paint until clicked
  • VB-8426 Lower case “g” is not fully visible in drop down in settings
  • VB-8587 Tidy up the Dark UI: touching upon every element in the UI, down to form controls
  • VB-8678 Remove “set as default” option on installer when running Windows 10: because it cannot work
  • VB-5785 Data import from Chrome does not work: Fixed import crash, make notification for item even if bookmarks are missing
  • VB-8583 [OS X] Change keyboard short-cuts using ⌥ key
  • VB-8647 Double-clicking a menu toggles full screen
  • VB-7899 ENTER not working when using Find in Page (CTRL+F)
  • VB-8433 Settings usability issues: navigation highlight issues; appearance setting layout; tab settings spacing; info text spacing issues
  • VB-7870 Address bar not updated after deleting history item
  • VB-8515 Regression: New tab gesture opens blank tab
  • VB-8579 Input field shall be pre-filled with active page URL when adding a web panel
  • Various Thumbnail fixes: more work to be done
  • Quick fix for issue with focus lost: When URL is selected and selecting new tab

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