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Thursday Fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.11.904.3

Seems like summers and fixes go hand in hand. We have yet another snapshot which rolls out some more necessary fixes that will give you a steady browsing experience.

Take a look and keep sending in your feedback so that we can continue giving you as many solutions as we can!

Download (1.11.904.3)


  • [Regression] Opening link in a new window opens reader mode panel VB-29276
  • [Regression] Right mouse button gesture selects text VB-29969
  • [Windows] Context menu after gesture on Speed Dial page VB-20743
  • Missing Windows 8 icons and tiles VB-29965
  • Find in Page covers scrollbar VB-29921
  • Web panel context menu VB-23465

Photo by Adi Goldstein

Written by Maria Popova

QA Engineer at Vivaldi.

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