Snapshot 1.0.385.5 – Changes to tab opening and closing behaviour

For today’s snapshot we have new default settings for tab opening and closing behavior and, of course, you can still use our previous methods if you prefer.

For today’s snapshot we have new default settings for tab opening and closing behavior. These defaults are now closer to how other popular browsers work but with further refinement, and of course (since we love options) you can still use our previous methods if you prefer them.

Families of tabs

New Tab placement on opening

From today’s build when you open new tabs from a link in your current tab, they share a relationship. For example, say you perform a search in your current tab and Ctrl+Click the first search result, it will then open next to its “parent”. If you Ctrl+Click a second result, the new tab will place itself immediately after its “sibling”.

New tabs that you open via Ctrl+T or by clicking on “+” have no relationships and will therefore open on next to the “+” button, just like before.

Try it for a week and see what you think. However, if you do want to change back to the old behavior, simply go to “Settings → Tabs → TABS → New tab position” and select “Always last”.

Tab closing behavior

Opening behaviour goes hand in hand with closing behaviour, so we have also made a change here as well. With the new default, when a focused tab is closed, Vivaldi will switch to its right-most (or bottom-most) “relative”. In cases where there are no relationships between tabs, Vivaldi will switch to the last activated tab (our old behavior). This combination of tab relationships and activation order, should result in a best of both worlds default and an improvement over what the other browsers are doing.

The new default works especially well when opening lots of links from one site and then closing them down one by one to return to whatever you were working on before.

Again we would encourage you to try it for a while to get a feel for this way of working but if you do eventually decide you want the previous behavior, go to “Settings → Tabs → TABS → When closing a tab” and select “Activate previous in activation order”.

Download (1.0.385.5)


  • VB-106 Bring default Tab opening/closing behavior more in line with other browsers
  • VB-12567 [Mac] Upgrade menu bar code. Stage 1: show icons in the View menu
  • VB-11349 Crash with sending form in Web panel
  • VB-11903 Autocomplete and History/Bookmark occasionally doesn’t work when you close all tabs
  • VB-12516 Close button on tabs not hidden
  • VB-12561 Dash character can be underlined in menus
  • VB-1654 Missing close window menu item
  • VB-12514 Bookmark manager is only accessible by opening the Speed Dial: added to the Tools menu
  • VB-12552 Set Toolbar focus cycling to on by default
  • VB-10586 There’s no “open link in incognito window”: this still needs to be renamed to private
  • VB-12467 Drag from page badge to Bookmarks bar does not work properly
  • VB-12447 Typing a non-protocol word followed by a colon in the URL field results in about:blank
  • VB-12408 Open multiple Bookmarks
  • VB-4609 Cannot turn off images in blank window
  • VB-4776 Don’t mark all tabs as unread after browser startup
  • VB-11301 Use distinct icon for notifications in address bar
  • VB-2301 Need real from keyPress events from the vivaldiview
  • VB-12068 Title of active tab stuck showing in the middle of the tab-bar after returning from fullscreen on mac
  • VB-12463 Unread Tab Indicator barely noticeable (& not at all for transparent tabs)
  • VB-12491 [Regression] Transparent tabs setting not functional
  • VB-9752 [Windows] Make “New private window” available to jumplist
  • VB-12480 Add active tab as bookmark from the bookmark menus themselves
  • VB-12360 Offer a setting to color area behind tabs (in stead of active tab)
  • VB-11741 Add functionality to disable animation: This adds a setting under Appearance that lets users enable or disable animation in the Vivaldi UI (this entry previously mentioned VB-11751 by mistake)
  • VB-12450 Urls from bookmark menus and similar menus are not shown on status bar
  • VB-12031 Unexpected behaviors in Bookmark Manager
  • VB-12360 Offer a setting to color area behind tabs (instead of active tab)
  • Appearance settings state fixes
  • Keep selection at the end of the URL field while navigating up/down
  • Fast forward localization
  • Fix for crashes on OSX 10.7-9
  • Turn on autocompletion in Speed Dial