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Snapshot 1.1.453.6 – Further tab closing options, improved dark UI and more import options

Today’s highlights are further tab closing activation options, more work on our Dark UI, more import options and a fix for Vivaldi stealing focus under Windows.

Highlights of today’s Snapshot include further tab closing activation options, more work on our Dark UI Theme, more import options and a fix for Vivaldi stealing focus under Windows. For the full list of improvements, see the changelog below.

We are rapidly closing in on a final 1.1 release now, so let us know if you see any regressions in behaviour since the 1.0 final.

Tab Closing Options

Goodbye to old Operating Systems

With Vivaldi version 1.1 we will drop support for Windows XP, Vista and versions of MacOSX below 10.9. Recently, the Chromium project dropped support for these older OSes (Operating Systems), since they are no longer actively maintaned by Microsoft and Apple. As Vivaldi is a small team at present, so we cannot afford to support these OSes seperately.

If you are able to, upgrading your OS is the best course of action to ensure secure browsing and access to the latest Vivaldi features and fixes. If not, Vivaldi 1.0 will continue to function, though it will not receive further security updates.

We have also disabled NPAPI plugins for Vivaldi 1.1, now that the support present in Chromium has become too unreliable. PPAPI plugins and new HTML5 technologies should serve as suitable replacements going forward.

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  • [Regression] [Windows] Vivaldi steals focus (VB-14708)
  • [Linux][Mac] Add missing setting to switch the Vivaldi UI language (as on Windows) (VB-15885)
  • Added setting to disable the URL Dropdown
  • Add “Right of current tab” in tab settings for a Close tab (VB-12674)
  • Arrow symbol in Bookmarks Bar does not work properly (VB-4479)
  • Better transition for Ctrl+Enter (www.<input>.com) in URL field
  • Bookmarks bar list under chevron icon displays wrong items (VB-15831)
  • Bookmarks bar is mssing New Folder context menu option (VB-15501)
  • Browser closes when using the Pocket extension (VB-14498)
  • Can not move a Bookmark item to the end of list on the bookmark toolbar (VB-15975)
  • Close Other Tab Doesn’t deal with stacks (VB-15916)
  • Close other tabs when ALT-clicking tab close button: now possible to assign keyboard shortcut and accessible in Quick Commands (VB-15157)
  • Cutting from start in URL field clears URL field (VB-15350)
  • Dark scrollbars in panels and bookmarks when Dark UI is set (VB-15901)
  • Dropping a bookmark bar item on the bookmark bar creates a new item (VB-15907)
  • Faster Tab Stack Creation
  • Forward and back mouse buttons operate on wrong window (VB-14952)
  • Going to the wrong site on autocomplete (VB-15301)
  • Group similar tabs to stack can group very different sites (VB-10110)
  • Hibernate tab stack (VB-13209)
  • Hide tooltip when searchfield or URL field gets focused or updates
  • Improve automatic underscoring in menus (VB-15349)
  • JavaScript “” causes 2 HTTP requests: Lastpass showed a blank page when opening Secure Note (VB-13931)
  • Menu key activates wrong context menu for Spatial Navigation highlighted links on windows (VB-9169)
  • Move to New Window option should not be in tabs in Private windows (VB-15179)
  • Not Possible to Hibernate/Close Tab Selection (VB-15037)
  • Page can override Spatial Navigation indicator (e.g. (VB-15735)
  • Per tab zoom does not activate immediately but only after browser restart (VB-13959)
  • Radio button in toggle image menu squeezed (VB-15013)
  • Renaming items on the bookmark tool bar is confusing with Title sorting enabled (VB-15711)
  • Reset fast forward earlier on navigation and load when idle
  • Saving changes to bookmark using enter/return (VB-15740)
  • Some URLs are searched instead of followed (VB-14729)
  • Speed dial not imported from Opera 12 (VB-15036)
  • Speed dial sorting follows bookmarks manager sorting (VB-14418)
  • Tabs cloned from stack appears to the right of the stack (VB-11055)
  • Tab Tiling is Cleared when Stacked (VB-15277)
  • Use input case when autocomplete on URL
  • Vivaldi Missing Title Case in Translation (VB-15342)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 50.0.2661.75: With this we drop support for Windows XP, Vista and versions of MacOSX below 10.9. In addition we have disabled NPAPI plugins
Ruarí Ødegaard
Written by Ruarí Ødegaard

Quality assurance and testing. A fan of Linux (Slackware), unicycling, simple solutions and a “slow” life style.


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