Snapshot – Bookmarks sorting

Our focus right now is on bugfixing, so here is another bugfixing build. However, these is also one nice new feature for you, sorting of bookmarks.


Bookmark sorting

We know you love it and we know you wanted it, so here it is, in both the bookmark panel and manager. You can now sort by bookmark name, nick name, address, tags or manually.

Bookmarks sorting options

To sort, in the panel use the sorting column. To sort in the manager click on the headings—highlighted in green in the screenshot. You can sort ascending, descending or with a third click reset.

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  • VB-5258 Bad URL matching
  • VB-9157 Updater always falls back to en-US when pt-BR is used
  • VB-9170 Expand / Collapse all folders regression in bookmark tree
  • VB-8873 File → Open File Chooser on Mac
  • VB-8934 Crash when vivaldi:extensions & vivaldi:history are used in private window
  • VB-8677 Shift+ctrl+scrollwheel only zooms down
  • VB-5708 [mac] Badge callout disappears quickly
  • VB-9181 Trash menu positioned wrong
  • VB-8703 regression: Open Speed Dial in new window is broken
  • VB-8384 Crash when closing Vivaldi while downloading a file
  • VB-9196 autocomplete not expanding on bookmark
  • VB-9191 Not expanding urlfield when no bookmarks in hit list
  • VB-9187 Url field didn’t consider first promoted hit
  • VB-9163 Missing or inconsistent translations in the update download and install dialogs
  • VB-9077 regression: SDs jump around when opening new tab with panel open
  • VB-8627 Disabling “Switch Tabs at Edge of Maximized Windows” option for tabs at the bottom and changing name to clearer
  • VB-2353 Keypress event property keyIdentifier reports wrong code using Shift modifier
  • VB-8700 regression: RMB+ Wheel Up/Down doesn’t work any more
  • VB-9150 UI Scale doesn’t load the current value on startup
  • VB-8574 Canceling urlbar dropdown navigation doesn’t recover input
  • VB-8576 Missing “use as bookmarks bar” check mark
  • VB-1062 Need to be able to sort bookmarks in both manager and panel
  • VB-1889 Page actions list not scrollable
  • VB-3358 Can’t access the first options in the menu bar
  • VB-4706 Can’t focus settings in a tab with mouseclick to scroll by keyboard up/down arrows – required tabbing through all categories to get the focus
  • VB-8212 Tabs don’t show up in main menu → Window
  • VB-5474 More prominent lock symbol for SSL sites

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