Snapshot 1.0.212 – Mouse gestures with touchpad!

Hey everybody,

While I am typically the guy with the bad news about snapshot delays, I have the honor of providing you all with the newest one today (on time. Yay! well, almost ). 😉

This snapshot includes a new feature enhancement to our popular mouse gestures (more on that below) and a lot of fixes for the most frequently reported bugs from the last snapshot such as a blank extension page, issues related to mouse gestures and tab switching, the broken search box and various UI issues.

Other than that, you can now finally install Adblock Plus if this is the ad blocker of your choice. It should no longer crash Vivaldi.


Keyboard activated mouse gestures

Mouse gestures are very convenient. I actually used to use them so much that I accidentally started performing them in Windows Explorer (They really should have those, too!).

Unfortunately, it has been next to impossible to use them if you are working on a laptop with a touchpad. Until now that is. Starting with this build, you can now either press the right mouse button or the Alt key on your keyboard to trigger them. For example, if you want to go back in History, press Alt key and swipe to the left on your touch pad.

Bug hunt

As we are closing in on another Technical Preview, we are especially interested in any regressions from TP3 and major bugs that you think need to be addressed before distributing to a broader audience. Keep the feedback coming. You guys rock! 🙂

Download (1.0.212)


  • VB-7250 – Add commands to toggle tab bar and address bar
  • VB-7243 – The search box no longer works
  • VB-7242 – Mouse wheel tab switching is too sensitive with Apple magic mice
  • VB-7231 – (Mac) Native window do not display a title
  • VB-7228 – Vivaldi-color matching algorithm sometimes picks the wrong color
  • VB-7225 – Spatial navigation outline scrolls the wrong way when page scrolls
  • VB-7206 – Paste in the address bar sometimes does not trigger the popup with suggestions
  • VB-7196 – Add checkbox in settings to toggle tab bar
  • VB-7163 – UI layout breaks with tabs on left/right
  • VB-7055 – Page content can overlap status bar on resize
  • VB-6966 – Crash at startup with session loss when closing browser at vivaldi:extensions
  • VB-6961 – vivaldi:extensions is blank
  • VB-5318 – Restart button in downloads panel is always active
  • VB-2849 – Disabling color tabs makes progress bar invisible
  • VB-7325 – Tabs on the sides without thumbnail have inconsistent size
  • VB-7315 – Some mice need two scrolls to switch tabs
  • VB-7289 – Mouse scroll wheel tab switching reverted with rmb
  • VB-7283 – Drag extension file to extensions page to install
  • VB-6926 – Activate mouse gestures with Alt key
  • VB-3774 – Crash installing Adblock Plus
  • VB-7368 – Wrong font color on the bookmarks page with the dark theme
  • VB-7347 – URL autocomplete does not work on first attempt
  • VB-7332 – Unreliable mouse gestures
  • VB-7285 – Tab thumbnail shows for a brief second on startup then collapses to regular tab view

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