Snapshot – settings in a tab and improved progress indicator

Today’s snapshot includes the ability to view settings (preferences) in a tab and features a redesigned progress indicator—works better in the dark theme. We have also made yet another improvement in tab switching speed.

Settings in a tab

It is now possible to load the Settings page in a tab (vivaldi://settings). You can make this permanent via “Settings → Appearance → Window Appearance → Open Settings in a Tab”

Settings in a tab

Redesigned progress indicator

The progress indicator has had a small redesign. We feel it is a little bit clearer now and also works better in the dark theme, which we know many of you love.

Progress indicator

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  • VB-8910 Panels are not hidden in Chromeless mode
  • VB-9055 Dragging bookmark item from bookmark tree to bookmark bar does not work
  • VB-8928 [regression] Make pinned tabs closable with a user controlled option
  • VB-8980 Renderer crash when opening links in private mode via QC or external apps
  • VB-7433 Dark blue address bar: Redesigned address bar progress indicator
  • VB-8551 “Disable search in address field” is not working
  • Improve tab switching speed
  • VB-9038 Web panels do not respond to javascript popups: Respond by automatic cancelling as first step
  • VB-9024 Bookmarks panel and manager not in sync: bookmarks manager cleanup
  • VB-8516 When copying text from UI (for example from notes) it will copy the name/url of the last bookmark folder/link last highlighted
  • VB-4330 [Mac] Does not remember maximized stage
  • VB-4706 Can’t focus settings in a tab with mouse click to scroll by keyboard up/down arrows – required tabbing through all categories to get the focus
  • VB-7614 Add ‘*’ as shortcut to reset zoom
  • VB-8725 Bookmark tree not updated after toggling bookmark edit in Bookmark panel
  • VB-8454 Adding a web panel with a URL containing a port number fails
  • VB-7294 Filtering preferences displays unrelated UI fragments
  • VB-7289 Mouse scroll wheel tab switching is inverted: fixed inverted switching on Win, Linux; default scrolling direction on Mac OS X only, pending VB-2973; cancel page scrolling when switching tabs; adhere to Tab Cycling direction setting when ALT/RMB switching
  • VB-9017 A web panel has a context menu with a “add to web panel” entry
  • VB-9018 Speed Dial items reflow in new tab
  • VB-8592 Regression: Pop-up window blocked icon not showing
  • VB-8909 18 issues from translators
  • Upgraded Chromium to 45.0.2454.87
  • VB-8381 Vivaldi crashes when trashing onetab extension after it has saved some tabs
  • VB-8377 Wrong colors on extension buttons
  • VB-8953 Web panel content zooms automatically
  • VB-5301 Crash – Link clicked in window opened from another window.
  • VB-8911 Need the possibility to assign a keyboard shortcut to New Private Window
  • VB-3546 Add support for “theme-color” meta
  • VB-8913 Web panel icon is broken when icon data is provided by a data URI
  • VB-8668 In History manager, the “open as background tab” option doesn’t work.
  • VB-2411 Create a setting to open Settings as a tab
  • VB-8701 Change layout of the Visual Tab switcher: more work needed
  • VB-8690 Bookmarks manager needs a bit of TLC: further tweaks

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