Snapshot 1.0.344.5 – Set font sizes and encoding

Today’s snapshot gives you the option of setting the minimum font size and a default character encoding.

Global font settings

These options are found under: Tools → Settings (Preferences) → Web Pages → Fonts

Font options

Further font related settings will be added in the future.

Download (1.0.344.5)


  • VB-11060 Regression: Bookmarks messed up
  • VB-3970 Set font sizes and encoding
  • VB-10649 Clicking backspace in panel navigates back in history on webpage
  • VB-2417 Display keyboard shortcuts in main Vivaldi menu and other context menus
  • VB-11223 Saving passwords does not work
  • VB-3879 Shortcuts not working while a tab is loading
  • VB-10304 Disabled inputs cancel mouse events
  • VB-7864 Sorting for language list is wrong in Unicode
  • Update Chromium 47 to 47.0.2526.80
  • Toolbar styling cleanup
  • Ctrl+k not working
  • ESC sometimes creating Tab Stack

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