Snapshot 1.0.422.8 – Quick fix for issues in the previous snapshot

Today’s snapshot fixes the major issue reported in the last one, meaning that scrolling should be smoother and you will see less “Dead Birds”. We have also done a bit more work on search suggestions, got Netflix working again and introduced a minimum size for the active tab. We also addressed the bug that a number of you raised with keyboard shortcuts not working after viewing the source of a page.

In the last snapshot, there was some concern from a handful of you, due to problems many attributed to a Chromium upgrade. I would like to remind you that we have a fantastic team here, that can fix issues like these quickly and efficiently. In order to do so however, we need to understand what is going on. The “dead bird” and poor scrolling that many of you saw, was highly dependent on particular OS and CPU combinations (which none of us in Oslo or Reykjavík had). The feedback from those of you who did choose to test the build was invaluable in getting to the root of the problem and once we did, it was a fairly trivial fix.

If you did miss the last snapshot (autoupdate for 1.0.420.4 was disabled due to VB-14036) I have included its changelog in addition to the normal one. You might also want to read the previous blog post, if you want to learn more search suggestions.

Known issues

  • Offscreen thumbnails used by Speed Dial are never generated (VB-13085): If you don’t reload them, or add new URLs via the Speed Dial directly then you should not see the issue

Download (1.0.422.8)

Changelog since 1.0.420.4

  • Browser is very slow and very often dead bird shows up / HPET problems: This affected only certain OS and CPU combinations (VB-14036)
  • Active tab does not have a minimum size (VB-13832)
  • DuckDuckGo (d) and Bing (b) should show their own search suggest when actioned via the search letter/keyword
  • Clicking Speed Dial lacks modifier (Ctrl, Shift) support seen in the bookmark menu (VB-11458)
  • Need to fix tab stack selection and add Shift select
  • [Linux] Support mouse handling and context menu on empty part of tab bar when native decorations are on (VB-14031)
  • [Linux] [Windows] Vertical menu (Vivaldi menu) opens in Settings window (VB-14189)
  • Moved Search Suggest after Search
  • Netflix Streaming not working: due to Netflix blocking Vivaldi in User Agent (VB-13918)
  • Open and save dialogs can block and operate on wrong window (VB-14025)
  • [Regression] Text truncated ended with ellipsis when pasting to the URL field (VB-13206)
  • Shortcuts doesn’t work on the view source page (VB-13417)
  • Tab styling changes, including selection styling
  • The bookmark title expansion in the address bar doesn’t reset and leaves the title (VB-13917)
  • Tiling button states confused (VB-14191)
  • Weird bookmarks focus issue (VB-10374)
  • [Windows] Wrong color window controls on hover on Win10 (VB-14021)

Changelog since 1.0.418.3

  • [Regression] Spatial Navigation Shift+arrow up/down broken (VB-13625)
  • [Regression] Still focus problems in notes using the up/down-arrowkeys (VB-13516)
  • Autocomplete not working correctly in Speed Dial Drawer and Bookmark Editor (VB-13930)
  • Blank page on startup with internal page as homepage (VB-13695)
  • Bookmark drop zone highlight needed
  • Click to address field replace clipboard data by URL (VB-9519)
  • Grouping Tabs while Tab-Grouping is disabled results in tab-group with no select possibility (VB-13573)
  • Issue Report: Shift+F4 closes the browser (as if it was Alt+F4) (VB-4627)
  • New bookmark URL is not selected (VB-13632)
  • No title for bookmarks folders on the Bookmark panel when choosed “Icons only” (VB-7371)
  • Settings page titles are inconsistent (VB-13590)
  • Sorting bookmarks on Bookmarks Bar – Adding a context menu and setting (VB-9419)
  • Support for suggestions in urlfield omnidropdown (VB-13331)
  • Upgrade to Chromium 49.0.2623.91
  • URLs typed in address bar are not loaded sometimes (VB-13921)
  • When focus follow mouse, the window gets automatically activated (VB-11947)
  • Windows Installer Icons is ugly (VB-13983)
  • YouTube Video in sidebar identified as Android user agent with no build number won’t play (VB-13647)

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