Snapshot 1.0.352.3 – New options and better fonts for Chinese users

In today’s Snapshot: New options for tab opening position, URL protocol display and autocomplete behaviour as well as improved Vivaldi UI font for Chinese users

Following our successful beta 2 launch yesterday, we have even more improvements for you in today’s snapshot, with new options for: tab opening position, URL protocol display and autocomplete behaviour. We also improved the font used in our UI for Chinese users.

More readable fonts for our Chinese friends

Since not all of you read Chinese, I think the best way to explain this is with a picture:

Chinese text improvements

New options

One of the things that we understand at Vivaldi is that every user is different, this is why we like to provide a range of options, rather than just try and force everyone to work the same way. In settings (Alt+p or ⌘,) you will find the following new options:

  • Tabs → New Tab Position (Always Last, Right of Current)
  • Address Bar → Show Full URL
  • Address Bar → Autocompletion → Enable
  • Address Bar → Autocompletion → Always Prefer Bookmarks

Download (1.0.352.3)


  • VB-1974 Add an option to “Open new tab next to active”
  • VB-9254 Context menu position is wrong with zoomed UI
  • VB-1966 [Windows] Standalone install must use relative path to profile folder
  • VB-11439 The YouTube profile menu blinks
  • VB-11440 Vivaldi Bookmarks export to a HTML bookmark file
  • VB-10840 Not enough space for the bookmarks list when in edit mode in the panel: resizeable height
  • VB-11339 [Linux] [Mac] Right click does not open context menus and can trigger a mouse gesture
  • VB-11398 Overwrite edited url if typing quickly after new tab
  • VB-11220 Added setting for showing protocol in URL field and change default behavior: Also improve mouse selection
  • VB-10155 Tab Stack indicator overlapped by rest of the UI
  • VB-10739 [Mac] Closing the last tab should close the window
  • VB-10910 [Windows] Poor Chinese font selected for browser UI
  • VB-11259 Remove references to missing files in internal pages
  • Reduce excessive CPU usage from tab sound animation
  • Added autocompletion settings: enable/disable, prefer bookmarks
  • Reload same URL behavior was broken in some cases
  • Updated graphics for SSL warning/error pages
  • Update Chromium to 47.0.2526.80

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