Snapshot 1.2.479.8 – More keyboard shortcuts and a small update to 1.1

Adding some more default shortcuts (all customisable, of course!), fixed tab opening to better follow the selected setting and much more.

In today’s snapshot we: added some more default keyboard shortcuts (all tweakable of course!); fixed tab opening to better follow the selected setting (and renamed the settings to be clearer); fixed a bunch of minor issues in the address field; fixed a number of small (but annoying) regressions; updated Chromium to 51.

In other news, we also pushed out an update to our stable stream for Vivaldi 1.1 users earlier today. Just a few updates to keep you all secure. If you did not catch it in the update message, the changelog for 1.1.453.59 is here.

Enjoy the weekend!

Download (1.2.479.8)


  • [Regression] Bookmarks in expanded folder don’t open on Bookmarks Bar (VB-17286)
  • [Regression] Characters lost typing in URL field (VB-17243)
  • [Regression] Ctrl+Tab doesn’t always work (VB-17172)
  • [Regression][Mac] New window is spawned after using keyboard shortcuts in private mode (VB-17156)
  • [Regression] No gesture initiated when entering Settings → Mouse section (VB-13282)
  • [Regression] User Interface zoom does not work with Zoom per Tab (VB-17327)
  • [Regression] Page is not focused after reload (VB-17052)
  • [Security] Address bar spoofing using HTTP status code 204/205: Thanks to Tsubasa Iinuma (@llamakko_cafe) of Gehirn Inc. for the report (VB-16595)
  • [Mac] Add menu items to main menu (VB-16833)
  • [Translation] Strings that need pluralisation forms (VB-16917)
  • Address bar drop down shows up on paste and go (VB-17301)
  • Always escape space when copying from the URL field: ‘ ‘ should be ‘%20’
  • Bookmark nick triggers search if inserted using paste and go (VB-17302)
  • Bookmarks bar. Adding a new folder in sorted content may make editing impossible (VB-17159)
  • Bookmarks should open in the current tab by default (VB-17179)
  • Boost last used port in addressbar autofill (VB-11924)
  • Can’t remove old typed entries from search box dropdown (VB-17326)
  • Change shortcut defaults so that ⌘/Ctrl+1-9 switched to the corresponding tab from left to right: The old defaults can still be mapped by the user. Also more work is needed so that ⌘/Ctrl+9 goes to the last tab
  • Chevron icon not displayed on Bookmarks Bar on first display after launch (VB-16053)
  • Close Tabs Left/Right should be Below/Above when tabs are Vertical (VB-17181)
  • Disable suggest when URL dropdown is not visible
  • Downloaded zip files shows 0 bytes in Download bar. (VB-11697)
  • Fix for Hibernate Background tabs showing up
  • Icons on the bookmark bar are not horizontally centered (VB-17511)
  • Keyword search should work when searchfield in addressfield is off
  • No Quick Command for Move Active Tab to New Window (detach): also new shortcut (VB-17297)
  • Save auto-completed items to typed history
  • Tab opening option “Next to Tab” does not work as intended: It did not open next to the active tab in all cases (Ctrl+t and clicking on the ‘+’). In addition it should actually be named “After” to align better with the tab close options (VB-16361)
  • Tab tooltip (thumbnail) sometimes is very persistent (VB-4655)
  • The reload button the button state doesn’t return to normal (VB-17501)
  • To “open” folder from bookmark manager not just opens, but opens in “new” tab (VB-15992)
  • Update to Chromium 51.0.2704.43

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