Snapshot 1.0.303.22 – Further stablization

Another bug fixing build with quite a few important fixes, including a significant memory leak and a re-fix for IME. There are still more to come before we reach beta.

Download (1.0.303.22)


  • VB-9700 Part of session information lost on restart
  • VB-9910 Stacking tabs causes thumbnails to dissappear
  • VB-4727 re-opened page shows page in dev tools window
  • VB-9092 “Close other tabs” closes also pinned tabs – does not follow Settings option whether they should be closed
  • VB-9829 Delete operation in bookmarks manager inconsistent
  • VB-9941 Re-use circular class and fix 1px “border” on Speed Dial thumbs
  • VB-9695 Private Mode styling needs to be clearer
  • VB-9540 Page is not repainted when pressing the back button after a new tab has been created via a targeted link
  • VB-9895 Opening an external link triggers a check for update
  • VB-9827 Pasting bookmarks buggy
  • VB-9810 Address field autocomplete and dropdown stops appearing after some time of using the browser
  • VB-9935 Can not restore all shortcuts at the same time
  • VB-10036 Memory leak while closing tab
  • VB-8926 Clicking Lastpass extension button often shows white blank popup and unable to interact
  • VB-10017 [mac] Backspace before committing causes the browser to go backwards in history when using a IME
  • VB-1235 Clone tab does not clone history
  • VB-10012 Vivaldi does not load pages from other apps
  • VB-10039 [regression] maximized state lost on startup
  • VB-7188 [regression] Odd resize behavior clicking on external links
  • VB-9973 The “add to search” functionality in search fields doesn’t open the “new search” dialog anymore

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