Snapshot – A focus on bugfixing

We are continuing to focus on bugfixing for an upcoming Beta, which means that many of the bugs you have highlighted are now getting more attention. Further work has gone into thumbnail generation (we have even more planned), we fixed a number of common Notes issues and we now respect your selected search engine for things like highlighted text. As a bit of further polishing of recent features, we also added a method for accessing typed history via the mouse. For all the details, check out the changelog below.

Typed History

We have made typed history a little more accessible to those of you who are heavy mouse users. When you open a new tab you now have a small downward facing arrow to the right of the address field. Click on this and you can access URLs you have typed previously.

Typed history button


We are trying out different search engines for our upcoming beta launch. There are multiple considerations when making decision on which search engine we choose to be our default. In this build, we chose Bing as default to see how everyone feels about it.

Download (


  • VB-2125 Inconsistent behavior for expanding folders in Vivaldi treeview
  • VB-8797 Quick commands cannot filter tabs
  • VB-9504 Missing translations in BM for all languages
  • VB-8720 Rightclick on link choosing “open in new window” opens window with page and a blank tab
  • VB-9632 Rewind is launched on startpage
  • VB-9372 Back/forward/rewind popup overlaps buttons
  • VB-8486 Highlighted text should be searchable via selected default search engine
  • VB-9628 [Linux] No first run page
  • VB-8837 RMB+Scrollwheel should tie to tab-switcher setting
  • VB-7134 Re-assign single key shortcuts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • VB-9408 Need some visual icon on typed history
  • VB-9427 Find some way to allow an alternative libffmpeg to be used
  • VB-7801 Make cut and paste in bookmarks non-destructive
  • VB-8902 After deleting some searchengines can’t enter text in Quick command field
  • VB-9583 Regression: Incorrect bookmarks matching
  • VB-9515 some keyboard shortcuts don’t work cross keyboard layout
  • VB-7610 Find in page gets stuck
  • VB-9570 Fix various Notes bugs: disables formatting
  • VB-7340 Page focus lost after closing a tab
  • VB-9542 Reloading SDs requires 2 tries
  • VB-9182 Zooming keyboard shortcuts should do nothing on a Speed Dial page
  • VB-3838 Drag & drop a note into folder is missing
  • VB-9523 address bar dropdown overlaps tab preview
  • VB-9530 Thumbnail generation for Speed Dial – WP2
  • VB-9416 Vivaldi does not work as default browser
  • VB-9480 Regression: Clicking in URL dropdown does not load a page
  • VB-3520 Issue Report: The homepage refuses to change.
  • VB-9382 Linux only Proprietary media support Step 2 – Recommend and make use of chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra (more information)
  • VB-9543 Contexual menu for edit fields in bookmarks and contacts panels is missing
  • VB-8869 Settings window can not be reopened after closing.
  • VB-9537 Light border in footer when using Dark UI
  • VB-9518 Fix non handled error condition when loading fav icons in a web panel
  • VB-1498 Missing Vivaldi icon with horizontal menu

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