Snapshot – Fixes to Zoom and Rewind

A small update to bring you the latest improvements since Thursday—fixes to Rewind and zooming and further work on the tab cycler.

Known issues

  • The default keyboard shortcut for zooming is still broken: a custom one does work

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  • VB-4815 Image loading, page actions toggling before loading
  • VB-5340 Page actions popup dialog stays opened
  • VB-9032 Page Actions (page modifications) does not apply after reload
  • Fixing FastForward/Rewind regression
  • VB-9104 Can’t add active page as webpanel
  • VB-7975 [Mac] Let main menu update with current shortcut configuration
  • VB-8680 Improve Visual tab switcher: Improved highlight of focused tab; Displaying page favicon; Removed animation; never display more tab previews; no extra white space when only one tab is shown; don’t break when you hold down the keys; Do not show the tab cycler if you only have one tab
  • VB-9068 Regression: UI zoom broken
  • VB-9076 Show parent folder in Speed Dial folders is not clickable at the top half of the button
  • VB-7850 Cannot add items to bookmarks bar: User can now right click bookmark or bookmark folder and choose “Move to Bookmarks Bar Folder” from the context menu that moves it to the bookmarks folder
  • VB-8899 Quick command freeze on too many character input
  • VB-9070 Vertically misaligned text on buttons (Windows)
  • VB-7921 Overlapping text when renaming a bookmark on a Bookmark bar
  • VB-9000 UI becomes white when loading page
  • VB-9059 Regression: Zoom with Keyboard broken
  • VB-8585 Bookmarked URL icon indication doesn’t work

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