Snapshot – Fixes to typed history, keyboard shortcuts for web panels and visual polishing

Bugfixing and polishing is still our major focus at the moment. Typed history gets a revamp and its behaviour more closely matches its name, web panels can now be assigned individual shortcuts and we have plenty of small visual improvements.

Known issues

  • Ongoing thumbnails issues for speed dials (and elsewhere): we are working on a big rewrite but it is not ready yet

Download (


  • VB-9204 Need clearer sorting indicator in bookmarks manager: Using full-width buttons in the Vivaldi-tree headers; Ensuring that the header drop shadow overlays the content beneath it; Aligning table columns and headers (replacing padding with text-indent); Increasing verbosity of <select> text content
  • VB-8860 Private window leaks when opening several links in new tab
  • VB-9239 Reopening window from private window crashes Vivaldi
  • VB-9236 Bookmarks text grayed: Upped the contrast for date stamp icon and text; Added ‘title’ for link icon in Notes; Added subtle shadow to folder icon to give better contrast
  • VB-8720 Rightclick on link choosing “open in new window” opens window with page and a blank tab
  • VB-1214 Missing/incorrect typed history
  • VB-7866 Start Page Background Image option “Stretch to fill” scaling improperly: Renamed “Stretch to Fill” to “Scale to fit”.
  • VB-8981 Add shortcuts to open web panels: can be mapped via keyboard settings
  • VB-7496 Tabbing never stops, goes to background tabs
  • VB-5168 Additional “find” keyboard shortcuts broken: Changed find shortcut defaults on Windows and Linux
  • VB-8581 Esc to exit Spatial Navigation does not make the second row disappear
  • VB-9263 Visual tab cycler dark ui background color is wrong: Added style for dark ui
  • VB-9322 Page Action Chooser not highlighted when active
  • VB-9082 Impossible to rename an item inside a Speed Dial folder
  • VB-9315 Prevent adding duplicate menu entries
  • VB-6002 Spatial navigation uses wrong dimensions for overflow:hidden boxes
  • VB-4784 Deal with ghost processes on Windows
  • VB-9251 Improve strategy for closing “Add Web Panel” callout
  • Made FFMpeg linking dynamic instead of static: more details here
  • Small improvement to new tab creation speed
  • URL field speed improvements: speed of autocompletion
  • Updated to Chromium version 45.0.2454.99

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