Fix for Reddit video freeze – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1177.5

In today’s snapshot we fix a long standing freeze that Windows 10 Reddit users encountered.

Download (1177.5)


  • [Regression] Search engine dropdown list blocked IME text selection (VB-37068)
  • [Keyboard] There are some non-reassignable shortcuts (VB-39886)
  • [Windows 10][Media] Reddit Videos Freeze Vivaldi (VB-31952)
  • [Notes] Empy note content after search and adding note (VB-39913)
  • [Themes] Updated Default Themes (VB-23107)
  • [Search] Setup only replaces first “%s” (VB-19865)
  • [Sync] Possibility to “Clear Data on Server” right after signing in (VB-39985)
  • Inverted favicons in dark themes (VB-39657)
  • Holding (instead of pressing) F1 opens multiple (infinte) “Help-Tabs” (VB-29053)
  • Status info overlay stays open until you click the page (VB-11943)
  • Text height is different between address field and search field (VB-39967)
  • Bottom part of menu bar in native window is invisible when tab bar is not on top (VB-39656)
  • Wrong icon size used for for browser action icon (VB-39808)
  • Backported applicable Chromium 66 security patches

Main photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash.

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