Post 3.0 updates – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1906.3

Today’s snapshot moves our snapshot stream past stable and begins the work towards the next version.

Download (1906.3)


  • [Address bar][URL field] Blinks when closing the typed history with Esc (VB-64150)
  • [Address bar][Sync][User profiles] Profile button invisible when signed in (VB-59399)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 81.0.4044.132
  • [Clock] Localized dates wrongly formatted (VB-65948)
  • [Crash] When adding bookmark to the start page (VB-64470)
  • [Crash][Extensions] Opening a link with basic auth when a password manager is installed (VB-65003)
  • [Crash][Regression] On some systems if pages with JS dialogs open on startup (VB-65336)
  • [Crash][Sync] When using User Profiles (VB-66524)
  • [Developer Tools] Docked tools unresponsive to cursor interactions on breakpoint hit (VB-54268)
  • [Media] AV1 videos fail (VB-64648)
  • [Media][Linux] Update proprietary codecs to 81.0.4044.122
  • [Regression] Toolbar button ellipsis does not show (VB-66335)
  • [Settings] Columns in the password manager are misplaced (VB-65376)
  • [Sync] Make various UI settings syncable (VB-66172)
  • [Themes] Accent color not fetched from favicon on some sites (VB-66634)
  • [Themes] No visual indicator on selected Light and Blue background colors (VB-64765)
  • [Themes][Regression] Not enough space for speed dial background names (VB-65908)
  • [Windows] Visual glitch in tab with audio icon (VB-63898)
  • [Windows] Use native system for geolocation: enable first in Windows settings (VB-65329)
  • [macOS] Exceptionally slow to startup with 10.13 or older (VB-65222)
  • [macOS][Settings] Move “Enable JavaScript from Apple Events” to settings (VB-45484)
  • [macOS][Settings] Make silent autoupdate ON by default: can be disabled in settings (VB-65832)
  • [UI] Only focusable elements in popup should be focused via Tab key (VB-66786)
  • [UI] Partial button in blocked cookies dialog (VB-59241)

Main photo by Paul G

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