New features for Clock and Popout video – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1874.7

Today’s snapshot includes new features for the clock and popout video, plus some address bar improvements.

Download (3.0.1874.7)


  • [Address bar] Completed characters overwritten when typing in the URL field quickly, after opening a new tab (VB-61340)
  • [Address bar] Esc should only close the drop down but not the ‘search as a button’ popup (VB-65746)
  • [Address bar][Extensions] Clicking twice on an extension should close the the popup (VB-65289)
  • [Address bar][Extensions] Popup arrow becomes misaligned (VB-65248)
  • [Address bar][Extensions] Switching extensions should result in correct popup opening and closing (VB-65382)
  • [Clock][New] Add optional sounds to alarms (VB-64115)
  • [Popout video][New] Seek forward and backwards using cursor (arrow) keys: requested by poto (VB-65796)

Main photo by Amador Loureiro

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